Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Curtains

When it comes to outdoor curtains, the choices are countless, from different fabrics and colors to size and kind. And while outdoor drapes may look easy to purchase, a lot of people get confused when buying outdoor curtains because there’s a need for outdoor draperies that have waterproof properties. As much as possible you want your outdoor drapes to be water-resistant so that no matter how long it rains or snows, you won’t have any issues with water dripping inside your house. Because of this dilemma, choosing outdoor curtains is sometimes confusing! In order not to make the same mistake as those before you, read on as we show some tips on how to choose outdoor drapes properly.

First things first – learn outdoor curtains.

It’s not enough if you know outdoor fabric and outdoor curtain types: there are more outdoor curtain materials than just fabrics, and you should be familiar with the different outdoor curtain components as well.

For example, there’s a big difference between outdoor sheers and outdoor drapes: while both have the same function, technically speaking they’re two separate things! So before buying any outdoor curtains or draperies for your outdoor space, you need to first understand what they are exactly.

Knowing Your Outdoor Curtains Materials

Just like regular cotton drapes, outdoor curtains often come in many colors and designs which makes it harder for people to shop online because of the high chance of getting something that does not fit their outdoor spaces! Don’t be too overwhelmed though, outdoor curtains come in many materials so it’s very likely that one of them will fit your outdoor space.

Outdoor curtain materials can be classified into three groups: outdoor sheers, outdoor draperies and outdoor panels. Panels are normally used indoors but you can also use it outdoor if you want to block natural sunlight. They’re made primarily for insulation purposes.

  • Draperies – much like regular drapes but with thicker fabric; outdoor draperies are available in different weights (lightweight or heavy-duty) depending on how long they’ll end up exposed to the sun (UV rays). Generally used for patio enclosures
  • Sheers – lightweight fabrics with mesh-like design; outdoor sheers are great outdoor drapes if you’re looking for airy drapes that are more on the sheer-side.

Outdoor Curtain Colors and Design

Unlike regular outdoor drapes, outdoor curtains are often made of polyester or cotton because they have the best outdoor fabric properties. Outdoor curtains come in different colors so it’s up to you what color will go with your outdoor space. When choosing outdoor curtain fabrics especially outdoor sheers, never choose black as this is not recommended outdoor curtain material since black absorbs sunlight which can lead to increased heat inside your house!

Also remember to always check the label when buying outdoor drapes/curtains online! Different brands may use different names for similar outdoor fabric materials but the outdoor fabric properties may be different. For outdoor drapes made of outdoor sheers, make sure to check out the denier rating (this is just a number used to denote how heavy-duty the material is).

The best outdoor curtains are made with Polyacrylic or Polyester outdoor fabrics which can effectively block UV rays and increase insulation in your outdoor space. If you want outdoor curtains that insulate your outdoor space while keeping it bright and airy, choose outdoor sheer fabrics with high numbers for denier ratings. When it comes to colors, pick earth tones so they’ll not only look great but will also blend well with nature!

Choosing Your Outdoor Curtain Size

Outdoor curtain sizes depend on two factors: 

1) Outdoor curtain measurements; outdoor drapes come in few designs and only a few outdoor curtains designs can match outdoor window measurements. Make sure to measure your outdoor windows before buying outdoor drapes/curtains – there’s nothing worse than getting outdoor curtains and finding out it doesn’t fit!

2) Outdoor curtain function; if you want outdoor curtains that will serve the same purpose as regular interior draperies (to decorate your outdoor space), and then they need to be of large sizes which can also help protect against strong sunlight. Remember, you don’t need big outdoor panels if all you’re going to do with them is block direct sunlight from coming into your house! If you just need some airy outdoor screen for privacy purposes, then outdoor sheer outdoor curtains will do the job!

If you need outdoor drapes/curtains that can help insulate your outdoor space from direct sunlight then outdoor heavy-duty draperies are what you need. Outdoor heavy-duty draperies come with a wide variety of sizes but remember to check the label for denier ratings and make sure it’s a patio type outdoor curtain fabric.


Outdoor curtain materials can be classified into outdoor sheers, outdoor draperies and outdoor panels. Outdoor sheer outdoor curtains are great for outdoor spaces that require lots of ventilation while outdoor heavy-duty draperies are used to help insulate your outdoor space from direct sunlight. Always make sure to check the label when buying outdoor drapes online!

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