How do students are benefited from SmallSEOTools?

Students often need to work on their academic tasks such as assignments and research papers to show their academic progress. Dedication and hard work matter a lot when it comes to submitting quality assignment work in academics. Back in the old days, students had to put a lot of effort into making sure that the work they are submitting is not plagiarized or filled with grammatical mistakes.

This additional effort and time somehow distracted them from the main objective, which was to make sure that they get good grade points in return for quality research work and assignments. However, the aforementioned saga has become a part of the past as technology is here to help students ensure a good grade point average during the time of their studies.

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Platforms like SmallSEOTools have done a great job in making the life of students easier by introducing some valuable tools that can come in handy for students in ensuring plagiarism-free assignments and managing various assignments easily. Read on if you want to know how SmallSEOTools as a platform offers a variety of tools to benefit students. Further details are given below:

Various Tools Offered by SmallSEOTools for Students

Here are some valuable tools offered by SmallSEOTools that are helping students ace their studies and secure good grade point averages.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism, these days, is considered a moral offence. Whether you are a student or a professional, if you are submitting plagiarized assignments, you will endure the outcomes of plagiarism for years in your academic and professional career. If you are trying to check plagiarism manually, then you will not get the desired results.

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The best way to check plagiarism in your assignments is using a reliable free plagiarism checker. It is more beneficial for students because they don’t even need to pay anything because SmallSEOTools is allowing you to use its efficient plagiarism tool free of cost. The best thing about this tool is you can use it on any device. All you need to do is have an internet connection, and you are good to go.

The plagiarism software offered by SmallSEOTools is capable of finding even a small trace of plagiarism in content because of its massive database. The use of advanced technologies in developing this tool allows it to find various types of plagiarism, including patch plagiarism as well. You simply need to upload a file from the storage of your device or import it from cloud storage to check plagiarism using this tool.

Paraphrasing Tool

Sometimes it becomes difficult to remove plagiarism from an assignment. No matter how hard you try, the amount of massive content already written and published on that particular topic becomes the reason for duplication. Trying to rewrite the content on your own can be a laborious task for you, and you may still end up getting nothing out of it.

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The best way to deal with the aforementioned situation is to make effective use of technology. You need to have a reliable paraphrase tool at your disposal for this purpose. A paraphrasing tool that can easily rephrase the content without affecting its quality or changing its meaning. 

SmallSEOTools offers a similar kind of paraphrase tool for students. This paraphrasing tool is capable of rewriting the content in such a way that it looks meaningful and realistic. This is all because of the use of AI technology that is used by this tool. If you want to remove plagiarism from your assignments, then the paraphraser offered by SmallSEOTools is the right fit for you.

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File Managing Tools

It should be noted that students don’t only need tools to handle plagiarism, there are multiple other tasks they need to do during the times of their study as well. They need to make notes, manage files and send their submissions on time. also offers effective tools for this purpose.

PDF to Word converter and Word to PDF converter offered by SmallSEOTools allow students to modify documents or assignments on the go by converting them into editable format and saving their work without any risk of modifications, respectively.

Similarly, the Image to Text converter offered by SmallSEOTools allows students to never miss any important topic if they were unable to make notes on it. They can simply click an image and extract text from it to save in a text file for further use.

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Additionally, if the students are facing trouble while submitting their work to their instructor through email or any other channel because of heavy file size, then the PDF compressor by SmallSEOTools will do the trick for them. This tool is capable of compressing files up to several hundred KBs.


The requirements of modern-day academics have made it challenging for students to manage different things simultaneously. Hence, they need to make effective use of technology to ace their studies. SmallSEOTools offer some great tools to help them in this regard. We have discussed a few tools above to give students an idea about the benefits of these tools. We hope they will find it useful and make effective use of these tools during their studies

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