Does Consuming CBD Help To Cure Heart Arrhythmias?

Heart Arrhythmias is a condition that causes our heart to beat irregularly. And even though there are several medicines available to treat this condition, not everyone benefits from them. Moreover, these medicines may produce several undesired side effects in patients. This is why people choose to go the natural way to treat the condition of heart arrhythmias. And one such natural remedy is cannabidiol (CBD). If you are wondering where to buy high-quality products containing CBD, you can fully rely on Keoni.

A few preliminary studies have reported that CBD can help control the rhythm of our hearts. The only problem is that most studies relating to CBD’S utility in treating heart arrhythmias have been conducted on animals and not humans. Thus, there is a lack of detailed, rigorous, and conclusive research on CBD’s benefits to the heart. Some studies have also pointed out that Cannabis users may have a higher risk of developing irregular heart rhythms. Cannabis is made of several compounds, and one of them is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound that produces intoxicating effects on cannabis users. However, CBD products derived from the hemp plant possess only a negligible amount of THC. This could mean that hemp-based CBD products do not cause heart problems connected to cannabis.

To sum it up, there is no concrete evidence to prove that CBD is risky for the heart. And similarly, there is no evidence to prove that consuming CBD is a better treatment for heart arrhythmias than surgery and prescribed medications. So what can you even do? To solve this dilemma, we have summarized everything about CBD’s effectiveness in treating heart Arrhythmias in this article. This includes CBD’s utility in treating heart arrhythmia, its benefits, and its risks. So read on to find out more!

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Can You Treat Heart Arrhythmias With CBD? 

There are various levels of severity of heart Arrhythmias- it could mostly be harmless or could potentially be dangerous to the patient’s life. Overall, this condition affects about 2% of the total population in Britain. Some studies are conducted to analyze the benefits of CBD in treating this condition, and we have summarized them below:-

A research study was conducted on rats that fed them CBD before cutting the blood supply in their coronary arteries. The blood supply was cut off to induce arrhythmias in the heart and was restored later. One can conclude that consuming CBD helped the rats to reduce the frequency of cardiovascular blockades and heart arrhythmias before cutting off their blood supply.

Several other studies have reported similar findings. And consequently, most people are now hopeful that CBD can either prevent heart arrhythmias altogether or can at least reduce their severity. The only negative point is that all these studies have only been conducted on animals and not humans. Thus, there needs to be more research on CBD’S effectiveness in treating heart arrhythmias in humans before we derive any concrete conclusions. 

How Can Consuming CBD Benefit Your Heart? 

Several scientists have also conducted studies on CBD’s benefits on the overall heart health of its users. We have talked about a few of these studies below:-

A study conducted in 2017 on nine men reported that consuming a dose of CBD helped reduce their blood pressure. It helped to reduce their systolic blood pressure by six points. On the other hand, a meta-analysis and systematic review conducted in 2017 reported that, in normal circumstances, consuming CBD does not affect the heart rate or blood pressure of consumers. However, if the situation is stressful, it has been reported that CBD can reduce and manage both of them.

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Some other studies conducted on animals have also reported that consuming CBD can reduce the size of cardiovascular blockages and improve blood flow. And this could potentially help treat conditions such as strokes and heart attacks. However, the study couldn’t find the reason behind these benefits or conclude if CBD would offer the same benefits to its human consumers.

Could It Be Risky To Consume CBD For Treating Heart Arrhythmia? 

Some people shy away from using CBD to treat their heart arrhythmias. A few research studies have also shown a connection between consuming cannabis and developing heart rhythm problems. For example, a research study conducted on hospitalizations in 2021 analyzed that patients admitted for cannabis overdose had a higher chance of developing heart arrhythmias. Moreover, these patients also had a higher risk of dying during their hospitalization time.

However, you should note that the study was conducted on cannabis users and not just CBD. And CBD is only one of the several compounds present in cannabis. It might be possible that other compounds, such as the controversial THC, are responsible for exposing cannabis users to heart rhythm issues. Moreover, the people analyzed in this study had overdosed on cannabis and were not cautious about their dosage. Thus, this study doesn’t point to only casual users of CBD developing heart rhythm issues such as heart arrhythmias.

If we believe most user experiences, CBD doesn’t have any dangerous side effects on its users. However, some people can experience side effects while using CBD as a complementary treatment for heart arrhythmias, including the following:-

  • Liver damage, especially if the patient already suffers from liver disease.
  • Reaction to other drugs and medications that the patient consumes.
  • Feeling excessively sleepy or tired.
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Overall, there needs to be more research on CBD’s effectiveness in managing heart arrhythmias. Thus, before consuming CBD to treat your heart rhythm irregularities, it is vital to consult your doctor. Moreover, you should note that CBD can not replace the conventional treatments of heart arrhythmias like medication and surgery. Thus, you can consider using CBD as a complementary treatment to the prescribed ones.

You should also consider that there has been no concrete research to show that consuming CBD is dangerous for your heart health. Thus, there is no harm in trying the product, especially when significantly beneficial for your overall mental and physical health. The only caution you need to exercise is to limit your dosage to an appropriate amount. This way, one can enjoy the benefits of CBD without risking your health.


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