Studying abroad in a renowned university is the dream of so many deserving and intelligent students. But not everyone gets this opportunity because pursuing a high education degree in a foreign state is not a walk in the park. It costs a lot of money and expensive tuition fees, along with some extra living expenditures. In such circumstances, these talented and young students often feel disheartened and set back from their goals. 

But now is the time to say goodbye to all such worries. If you are passionate and ambitious about your dreams, no one can stop you from studying abroad. Many countries are giving low to free education to overseas students. Other than this, some countries like South Korea are also offering various scholarship programs to eligible students.

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Indeed, South Korea has the world’s best and most prestigious universities, providing standard and quality education to students. Meanwhile, the scholarship programs of Korea are also doing a remarkable job by covering the education and living expenses of the selected candidates to make their educational journey smooth and tension-free.

Let’s discuss the two famous scholarship programs offered by the government of South Korea with uncountable benefits and affordable tuition fees.

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Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP):

It is a fully-funded KGSP scholarship program offered by Korean High Education. All international students can apply for this scholarship for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. However, the students have the chance to select the university of their choice.

As mentioned above, the KGSP offers numerous benefits to the selected students, which means they do not have to worry about certain expenses. Meanwhile, a relocation allowance of 200,000 KRW with airfare also gets covered under this scholarship. 

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Similarly, it also gives medical insurance. For thesis and its printing and language courses, there is a separate allowance. This program also provides relief to the students by covering KRW 5,000,000 tuition fee.

Global Korean Scholarships-Undergraduates (GKS):

Other than KGSP, this Global Undergraduate Korean Scholarship is also playing a vital role in educating underprivileged students. It offers scholarships at undergraduate and graduate levels. Every year, around 220 undergraduate and 1,080 graduate students get selected for this scholarship.

In the meantime, for the ease of students, this scholarship is also covering living, medical, and resettlement allowances. And the students traveling to Korea for this scholarship program will also get airfare and return air tickets. However, the tuition fee covers not more than five million KRW/ semester.

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Another exciting yet beneficial thing about this scholarship is no admission fees and a free Korean language training program.


The above are a few scholarship programs giving almost free to low tuition fee education to worthy students with some outclass benefits. So, keep South Korea as your top destination to study abroad at affordable rates.


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