What Was Nas Net Worth In 2022 and Present-year Net Worth [2023]?

You’ve probably heard of Nas, a controversial rapper with enormous wealth. You will be surprised to know how much money he earns in a month. Nas was a musician and now is a successful businessman. He uses his earned money to fuel his next ambition and never let anything stand in his way. Let us have a quick review of Nas net worth and all other significant details.

Net Worth:

$80 Million


Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (Nas)


14th September 1973

Birth Place

Brooklyn, Newyork


49 Years

Father’s Name

Olu Dara

Mother’s Name

Fnnie Ann

Profession or Occupation

American rapper, song writer, actor, record executive and a businessman

Net Worth

$80 Million +

Approx Monthly Income

$0.4 Million +


1.73m. (5’ 8”)


80 kg or 176 lbs

List of Nas studio albums and films:

Nas studio albums

Nas was a great American rapper in the 1990s and 2000. He has released a plethora of collaborative and compilation albums throughout his music career. Here is a list of some of the films and popular music albums that contribute to his net worth and make him the richest musician in the world. Because of his popular and well-admired music rappers, Nas net worth is around 83 million. Let us look at Nas hit albums with the date of release.

  1. “Illmatic” – East Coast hip hop hardcore released on 19th April 1994
  2. “It Was Written” second studio album released on 4th July 1996 by Columbia Records
  3. “I Am…” It is a commercial and critical success in music and was released on 6th April 1999
  4. “Nostradamus” was the fourth successful album released on 23rd November 1999
  5. “Stillmatic” was released on 18th December 2001
  6. “God’s Son” the sixth music album of American rapper Nas was released on 13th December, 200
  7. “Street’s Disciple” is the next album that was released on 30th November 2004. It was a collection of 25 songs.
  8. “Hip Hop Is Dead” music album by Nas was a collection of popular songs that were released on 19th December, 200.
  9. “Untitled” is the 9th album that is commonly referred to eponymous as Nas. “Untitled” music album was released on 15th July 2008.
  10. “Life Is Good” was released on 13th July 2012 on Apple Music.  The album was released with stream songs including “No Introduction”, “Loco-Motive and many more.
  11. “Nasir” was a popular album by Nas and was released on 15th June 2018. It was released through Mass Appeal Records and Def Jam Recordings.
  12. “King’s Disease” album was a recording of Mass Appeal and marketed by Universal Music Group. This album of Nas was released on 21st August 2020.
  13. “King’s Disease II” was released on 6th August 2021. It was also recorded through Mass Appeal Records and marketed by The Orchard.

What Are 8 Life Lessons Given By Nas To Be Successful?

Nas is a successful American music rapper and is now a reputed businessman at the age of 49 only. His net worth is amazing and Nas’s net worth has become a famous searching keyword on search engines. As he has become victorious with his hard work, he shared his life lessons with the public:

1. Eternal importance Is Achieved Through everlasting Human Skill

Nas has shown with only his musical skill, that one can be relevant forever if he or she is master in just one skill. The thing is that you have to work hard on your skill. Keep the focus on your goal and leave everything behind that distracts you from your goal. He added that he has changed his style throughout his career, but he has not wavered in his devotion to rap excellence.

2. If You Go To The King, Better not to miss

In this life lesson, Nas added that he went through a long period of hardships in his personal and professional life. While his partner Jay with whom he started his journey went on to become an artist. So, you must risk backlash when you try to dominate your competition.

3. Mount From The Ashes

Never accept permanent defeat, if you do so, means you have given up. He went through several crushing blows financially, professionally, and personally. Still, Nas never gave up and never stopped striving for greatness. And with this, he got the best career and become a leader to say such things, no one else can.

4. Always Invest In Your Future

Nas invests in a startup Rap Genius, that’s annotating every book ever written. Nas displays his versatility being a real rapper. Moreover, he’s also a business tycoon. And his investment in the future makes it possible to do it as well.

5. Wait For The World To Cuddle You:

This is the perfect saying that despite hardships, failures and years of obscurity, label trouble, he waited a lot for people to embrace him. Because so few people can understand what it’s like to be the best at what they do for their work. Take this lesson and move on. You will never know when you will get embraced.

6. Make an Effort To Branch out Your Income Sources

This is the most significant life lesson that one should diversify the source of income to earn more and to be recognized in certain fields. Nas is a great actor and a shrewd financier with a flourishing career in music rapping and hip hop.

7. Publicize your brand with your efforts

He said regarding his net worth in 2022 that your good public reputation is your actual publicity in the entertainment sector. Your hard work will automatically speak for your brand.  Just main an emphasis on yourself.

8. Never Forget Your Roots

This is quite an interesting life lesson by Nas that always trace your roots and you will get to your destination without fail.

Social media contribution to Nas’s net worth!!

Social media sites play a significant role in the popularity of a business or an entertainment sector. Here are Nas social media accounts where you can watch his videos and can contact him online. here are the links to Nas’s social media accounts.

Instagram account:

Twitter account:

Facebook account link:

Nas YouTube Link:

He is having millions of followers on all of his social media accounts.

Concluding words about Nas’s Net Worth!!!

All in all, Nas has been a successful and famous American rapper who has made several albums and has sold 15 million songs now. His business, investment and music albums all are contributing to 83 million Nas net worth. As he is a famous rapper and a hip hop still he never brads for his success and gives life lessons and his experiences to others for an unbeaten career.

FAQs related to Nas’s net worth!!!

  • Is Nas Net worth in billion dollars?

Nas isn’t a multibillionaire rather he has a net worth of 83 million dollars. He has earned such an amount with his talent and hard work.

  • What is the suucess story of Nas?

Nas is a Golden Globe winner and has been nominated for 13 Grammy awards so far. Apart from music. Nas has been victorious in his other adventures and business. In addition, Nas has been a very successful screenwriter, film producer, director and venture capitalist.

  • What was Nas net worth in 2022?

The present net worth in 2023 is $80 million & 2022 was $73 million.

  • In how many companies Nas has invested?

He loves to invest in his future. So far, he has invested in 32 companies and all of them are earning a good amount of money for Nas and contributing to his net worth.

  • What is NAS’s source of income?

He makes the most of his money through sales and the touring of music albums. Plus Nas has partnerships and investments in a plethora of earning companies. Till now, Nas has sold over 15 million songs and has also given live performances over the world.

  • How much does Nas make in a year?

Nas approximately earns $7 Million per Year with all his business, investment and music sale earnings.

  • What is the name of Nas’s wife?

Nas was married to Kelis in 2005. In 2010 he was divorced in certain situations. Nas has two children daughter Destiny Jones and a son Knight Jones.

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