Renting a House in Pune: Everything You Need to Know

Pune is a smaller counterpart of Mumbai but less crowded and dirty. Also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has a long history of embracing literature and music as a means of expression. Despite Marathi being the official language, Hindi and English are extensively spoken across the city.

Pune is also one of India’s fastest-growing cities and has grown tremendously since the country’s independence in 1947. As the “Oxford of the East,” Pune is home to several prestigious universities and educational institutions. Does it make sense to call it “Ferguson?”

You can’t stop being a Punekar in such a dynamic city full of smiles and chances. Even so, we know what you’re thinking. Yes, it isn’t misal pav, as some people may think. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of renting a home in Pune from the beginning to the end.

Do a few last-minute checks before you move into your new single rooms for rent in pune.

  • Take a look around the house

Before you begin packing and loading the car, do a thorough investigation of your new residence. Take a tour of the flat with the landlord or owner to find out if any issues need to be addressed before moving in. Yes, even the leaking tap is included.

  • The lease agreement for the rental property

Read the lease contract carefully before signing it when you choose an apartment. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. A complete evaluation of all charges, including rental fees as well as fees for repairs and upkeep, should be conducted before signing any leases. Make sure you’ve read the contract in its entirety for any relevant details. Owners are always available to answer any inquiries you may have.

  • Society’s rules and restrictions

Every culture has a set of rules and regulations in place to provide a stress-free living environment. Partying until the early morning hours is a no-no in certain cultures, as are late-night gatherings, loud music, and the constant presence of guests. Contact your landlord or the resident’s handbook if you have any questions or concerns before moving in.

What are some things to keep in mind while searching for a rental property in Pune?

  • Traveling to and from work regularly

For comparison, Pune has a single local train service that travels from the Pune station to Lonavala. According to current projections, the project will be finished by 2022. On the other hand, Pune has a well-developed network of highways and expressways. It is possible to go about Pune via the PMPML and BRTS bus systems as well as three-wheeled rickshaws. Avoiding traffic and the oppressive noon heat is your best bet, so look for a location within five kilometres of your place of employment.

  • Geographical location

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil retirement community or a busy metropolis, you may find apartments, gated communities, and townships all throughout the city. Compared to Mumbai, Pune has a more laid-back atmosphere and is less crowded. Because of its high ranking on the Ease of Living Index, Pune has been dubbed the world’s most livable city (2018).

In addition, Pune is recognised as one of India’s safest cities. Consider a location that’s within walking distance of both your workplace and the rest of the city.

  • Convenience stores and services

An excellent option is to go for a walkabout the neighbourhood and search for local landmarks and convenience shops to get a sense of the region. Pune has a vast range of shopping malls and retail complexes to suit your needs. For people who like shopping, malls like Phoenix Market City, Amanora Town, Seasons, Inorbit, and Pune Central are suitable. You should go to Laxmi Road and FC Road to have some roadside shopping.

Don’t forget to address yourself to the shopkeeper as Dada (grandfather) or Maushi (grandmother). Building trust with the shopkeeper will allow you to ask for support or extra favours along the road.

  • Relaxation and enjoyable time

Every street in Pune is a kaleidoscope of colour, with something for everyone. Due to its strategic position and ease of access, Pune has a lot to offer visitors. The Shivneri Fort and the scenic roads to Lonavala are only two examples of the city’s breathtaking scenery.

Make sure your taste buds are ready to be overwhelmed by the traditional Puneri delicacies like Bedekars’ hot Misal Pav mix and Chitale Bandhu’s Bhakarwadi. It doesn’t matter how many days you have to spend at the office; a trip to Penthouse High Spirits, Mi A Mi, or Area 51 will make you grin from ear to ear.

  • This is the play’s climax.

The search for a new home is finally over. Put your feet up and take a breather. A positive outlook and a determination to find what you’re looking for are essential for those who are still seeking. To ask, “Is there anything Pune doesn’t have?” is a familiar refrain often heard around the city. This information has finally been sent to you.

These were some helpful tidbits about single room on rent in pune.

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