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NAME Jonathan Gaming
REAL NAME Jonathan Amaral
DATE OF BIRTH 21 September 2002
OCCUPATION Player, streamer, influencer
AGE 21
WEIGHT 73 kgs
  • Represented India in PUBG Mobile Global Championship (2021)
  • Top – PMIS grand finals winner (2020)
YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS  More than 5.90 millions
TOTAL VIEWS More than 600 million


Nowadays, gaming is a lucrative career. There are many Youtubers, and streamers who have made millions from live gaming. One such YouTuber is “Jonathan Gaming” from India who is a professional gamer and has participated in various national and international events. Jonathan Gaming has a net worth of crores. He has achieved this milestone despite being young. He is in his early twenties and has already won the  PMIS grand finals in 2020 while he was just 18. He has a fan following of millions and gets endorsement fees from various multinational brands. Here you will get complete info about  Youtuber Jonathan Gaming’s net worth, girlfriend details, educational qualifications, and other facts about him.

Who is Jonathan Gaming? A peek into his early life:

Jonathan Gaming

  • Jonathan Gaming is a stage name. His real name is Jonathan Amaral and was born on September 21, 2002, in Goa India. He is a professional video game player and Youtube and is famous for playing games like “Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile. He has nearly 6 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel named “Jonathan Gaming”. He has been active in the industry since 2018 and has achieved this milestone at a quite young age. 
  • Details about his parents and other family members are not known nor his relationship status has been made public. He has never shared a video about his personal life with the viewers; all his videos strictly revolve around particular types of games. Initially, he started playing as a leisure activity but soon he transformed that into his earnings after he began streaming his gameplay on his YouTube channel. 
  • His way of elaboration kept the viewers glued to his videos and became fans of his content. He had a hard time when the Indian government banned some Chinese applications and games including PUBG. But soon he shifted his gameplay towards “Battlegrounds Mobile India” which was created exclusively for Indian players. 
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Jonathan Gaming YouTube career:

Jonathan Gaming YouTube career
Jonathan Gaming YouTube career
  • Jonathan had an interest in gaming since childhood. In an interview, he revealed that he had never thought that gaming could be such a lucrative career option for him. To casually record his gameplay and to build up the initial audience, Jonathan created his YouTube account on 25 February 2018. 
  • His journey was slow in the initial days as he struggled to attract an audience. His first four videos could not attract enough views but after a year “That’s why Jonnie loves M416 Spray” became viral and became his first video to cross the 1 million milestone. After this, the rest became history. His channel grew over time and a few of his videos even have 10 million views. 
  • So far in his channel, he has uploaded more than 400 videos and has more than 5.90 million subscribers. There are over 600 million views on his YouTube account. He has also collaborated with many other streamers online. 
  • He uses all hacks and methods to grow his channel. As of now, he uploads videos, livestreams games, does brand endorsements, and even creates short videos. He also has an Instagram and X account where he is often seen flaunting his luxury cars and prizes won recently. He has more than 3 million followers on his official Instagram account. 

Jonathan Gaming net worth and monthly income:

  • Like many other streamers and YouTubers, Jonathan has a net worth of crores. He is one of the most successful gamers after SCOUT. His niche is restricted to a few games and prefers the role of an “assaulter”. 
  • He is associated with GodLike Esports and receives a fair amount of salary. From his official account also he can generate a good amount of income instead of advertisements, endorsements, and views. His players also contribute to him by joining his YouTube channel.
  • Before associating himself with GodLike Esports, Jonathan was associated with Entity Gaming and TSM Entity which is also a self-achievement. He also represented India at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 and secured a fourth and thirteenth position in the two events of the tournament. He received 60k dollars for his participation in the tournament. 
  • From his income, he has bought many cars like a BMW X1, a Ford Mustang, and a luxurious house in Mumbai. He has also made sound investments in stocks and other assets. So taking account of all his income sources, Jonathan Gaming has a net worth of 5 crores which is a great milestone for budding gamers.
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