What Are The Advantages Of Humidifiers?

Humidifiers help to keep the level of air humidity in your home within acceptable levels. Excessive or too little humidity has its negative effects and the benefits of humidification are felt more during cold months than during warm months of the year.

Having humidifiers in your home offers many benefits and below are 4 of the incredible benefits that you get from using humidifiers.

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1. Helps to prevent influenza

It’s believed that using humidifiers reduces the probability of getting the flu. One study came to the conclusion that when influenza virus is added to the air together with a simulated cough, humidity levels that are higher than 40 percent deactivated the influenza particles quickly.

2. Reducing snoring

When you increase the amount of moisture in your rooms, your loved ones who tend to snore experience less of it. Whenever the air is dry, it’s almost impossible for someone’s airways to be fully lubricated. Run the humidifier at night and you will be able to increase the amount of humidity in the air, therefore helping you to reduce snoring.

3. Making a cough more productive

Dry air makes a person have a dry and unproductive cough. However, by adding some humidity into the air, there will be more moisture, which can help to convert a cough and make it more productive. With a more productive cough, you can release sticky or trapped phlegm quickly.

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4. Moisturizes your skin and hair

Most people will experience dry skin and hair during the cold months. Many brands of air conditioners pump hot and dry air throughout the house and this leads to dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Excessively cold air on the outside also dries out the skin. If you use a humidifier to increase the amount of moisture in your home, you can reduce the occurrence of cracked, dry skin.

Types of air humidifiers for your home

Depending on what suits your needs, there are various types of air humidifiers that you can choose from. Among the most notable types include steam vaporizers, impeller humidifiers, evaporators, and ultrasonic humidifiers. Oil humidifiers have gained lots of prominence amongst homeowners as it offers an additional benefit of aroma infusing from your most preferred essential oils.

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Which are the best humidifiers for your home?

Over the past few years, oil humidifiers have gained prominence because you can infuse your home with the essential oils that you need. There are top brands of oil humidifiers and you can order the best for your home’s humidification needs from Metasy.

The takeaway

When used carefully, humidifiers can bring about a huge difference to dry airways and skin. But you have to remember that humidification is a home remedy to most of the ailments that we have mentioned above and does not replace competent medical advice and treatment. If you have flu and other symptoms that keep getting worse even after using a humidifier, you need to call your doctor. 

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