Quick Tips for Unplugging

In a virtual-oriented world, sometimes it can be tough to unplug and check back in with your body. Whether you have been on a video game binge, or you work from your computer, anybody can benefit from taking a small break from the screen and focusing on your physical and mental health. If you find yourself three days into your latest Netflix show, consider taking some time for yourself and exploring any of the following tips for unwinding in a technology-free way.

Go Outside

It’s not a bad idea to start with the obvious opposite of sitting inside and looking at a screen: heading outside. It can be extremely refreshing to explore the outdoors when you have been cooped up for a while, especially on a nice day. Going for a walk, playing with a pet, or riding a bike through town are all ways to appreciate the outdoors and get some fresh air. According to the American Psychological Association, spending a bit of time outside has numerous cognitive and emotional benefits, even if you don’t consider yourself to be an outdoorsy person.

Consult Your Body

It’s easy to eat quick, processed food when you are focused on a game or TV show that you want to get back to as soon as you can. However, you might be able to feel the effects later on and find yourself in need of some healthier choices. Eating fresh fruits and veggies can help deliver some of the nutrients you may have been missing out on when eating things like chips and ramen noodles. If you want to take it one step further, consider maintaining your health with foods that contain other added benefits, like probiotics. You can get probiotics into your system by consuming a diet rich in foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, and kombucha, or by taking a probiotic food supplement.

Spend Time Reading

If you’re looking for a way to relax, reading a good old-fashioned book or magazine is a form of entertainment that doesn’t involve screens. Books can take you on a whirlwind adventure in a similar way to TV shows, but they require a bit more creativity and cognitive involvement. Coming up with the way characters look and speak involves your imagination and can get you to think about things you wouldn’t otherwise consider. If you want to get set up for a show in the future but could just use a break right now, check out books that are about to be turned into series or movies.

Socialize With Loved Ones

Media can bring people together, but it can be hard to socialize when you are busy keeping your eyes focused on a TV. Capitalize on the break by spending quality time with the people you love. Talking about your days or just general things going on in your life can seem like a small task, but it is one that keeps you tuned in and up to date with each other. Playing card games or going for a walk together are other ways that you can enjoy the company of others without having to set up a formal activity.

Have Spa Time

If you really want to relax, spend some time pampering yourself. Taking a long, hot bath filled with essential oils, a glass of wine, and a lit candle can feel indulgent without breaking the bank. Following it up with a face mask and guided audio meditation can help you to breathe a little deeper and give your eyes a rest. Whatever relaxes you most can be incorporated into your time to recharge your mind and body before returning to your desk or couch.

Taking a little bit of time away from your screen can be great for the mind and body. Finding balance and still being able to enjoy your virtual activities and work is important, but it doesn’t hurt to check in with yourself every once in a while and step away.


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