How to Improve the User Experience and gain Conversions

The positive experience of our clients is something basic to know how to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have to find a way to say: “here I am”, differentiating ourselves by value and setting the price that turns your project or idea into a viable and empathic business.

Starting your new business and increasing conversion at the start is difficult for people use different email marketing tools to increase their conversions.

The secret to a good user experience

Daniel began his presentation by presenting the case of this well-known coffee brand, which began, like most successful brands, “from the bottom up” and started with a simple idea: sell coffee in bulk.

The year 1971. Three friends passionate about coffee decided to open a store to sell in bulk. They admired and respected the origin of each grain. The ground and roasted it so that their clients could prepare a delicious coffee to their liking at home.

Business was good… Until a fourth man arrived. This man revolutionized the business by “taking coffee to the streets,” and making them the world’s largest coffee company through differentiation.

Howard Schultz was that fourth man who wanted to sell ready-to-drink coffee, 

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The founders did not approve of the idea at first. However, when the company focused on offering a complete customer experience around the world of coffee… then, yes: it succeeded.

It is likely that, like many of us, you have also tried one of its famous coffees. Daniel alluded to the Starbucks brand, a great success story thanks to the customer experience it offers its users.

The importance of respecting your brand values

30 years after this refocus, the coffee chain became the largest in the world, with approximately 29,000 coffee shops in 70 countries. 

To recover what was lost, Howard dedicated himself to visiting, every week and for more than 30 years, 25 stores of the chain. He wanted to talk with the employees and gain a close understanding of the entire process of service, purchase, and enjoyment of the product. And that was the key to designing the customer experience that would be the basis for its recovery, growth, and expansion.

 Price and cost VS value and differentiation

 If 78% of brands disappeared tomorrow, no one would likely miss them.

But if a brand as famous as the one Daniel told us about disappeared, many people would cry. And I would cry because I would no longer have access to the brand experience it offers.

How to choose the best strategy for your brand

we can see that there are two clear, but opposite, strategies with which to approach a business. The first is based on price  —adjusting to the impact on the customer’s pocket—, and the second is limited to differentiation  —taking into account the improvement or exclusive value you bring to their lives.

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The pricing strategy is that a  competitor begins to lower prices so that they buy from him. Then someone else does the same thing. The competition responds by lowering its prices, and so on…until no one wins and all competitors are “up in the water”.

On the other hand, the differentiation strategy is explained by a statistic that says that 87% of consumers say they are willing to pay more money for a better experience.

Expert brands in User Experience

All this customer experience has a human meaning, a psychological order, and a logical connection. However, when designing ours, it is not so easy to take references.

It is not realistic to look at your navel and only focus on what matters to you, as a manager. It is also not reliable to think about what your competition starts, because it can be wrong in the same way as you.

To eliminate this bias, Daniel invited us to learn from one of his favorite brands: Apple.

Take a look at the experience they design for their users:

  • Apple presents a clean, simple, clean, and white screen. It places a button in the center, and it says touch me.
  • Google repeats strategy, and on its wonderful clear, simple, and easy screen it tells us “search here”. 

How to attract new customers 

You will agree with me that an employee who treats you with empathy inspires you with positive energy, which feeds and improves your experience as a customer. It is something that is felt, perceived, and appreciated.

Well, the secret behind empathic and positive employees lies in who leads them. As Daniel said, we must bear in mind that happy employees generate happy customers. 

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The 4 pillars of GIP companies 

 They have a series of common pillars that we will see below.

1. Have a purpose

The purpose of a company is like the purpose of a person. Getting up every day with a purpose in mind is creating a path that has no end, that you will never get bored of and that will always keep you going with continuity, motivation, and consistency.

2. Be a “centric person”

Being person-centric means thinking about people before the product. That is why, a few decades ago, a product was invented and, once invented, someone was looking for someone to “put it on”. Today we are looking for a problem in a niche of people and, based on that, we find a product that provides a solution. No or vice versa.

3. Conscious leadership

Gone is the image of the unbearable boss whom workers fear, respect, and avoid in equal measure. Being a good boss implies being a good leader, that your employees trust you and share the same purpose with you.

4. Conscious company culture

The conscious company culture implies taking care of the emotional part of a company.  If you ignore the emotional part, you will make it difficult for your team to flow when someone makes a mistake, hesitates, or does not achieve the objectives at first.


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