What is YouTuber Jack’s Doherty’s Net Worth?

NAME  Jack Doherty
DOB  October 8 2003
  • YouTuber
  • Only Fans model
  • Philanthropist
  • Jack Doherty 
  • Jack & McKinley
  • Cash Crib
  • Jack LIVE
EARNINGS $600k per year
NET WORTH  $ 2.5 million USD
  • Fair skin
  • Brown hair color
HEIGHT  5’8 


YouTube is one platform that gives you instant fame. The careers of many people are solely dependent on YouTube while others have skyrocketed their careers from this platform. Jack Doherty is no exception to this. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in America and is famous for making diverse sets of content. He has multiple YouTube accounts and a subscriber base which contribute to his net worth. Jack Doherty’s Net Worth today is at par with other popular celebrities in the entertainment industries. This blog will give you comprehensive coverage of the net worth of the Youtuber, his personal life, and his professional life. First of all, let us have a brief introduction about his early life:

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Who is Jack Doherty?

  • Jack Doherty is an American YouTuber who is famous for creating prank videos on his channel. He began his career in 2016 and many of his videos have passed the million mark. His mother’s name is Anna Doherty while her father’s name is Mark Doherty. His parents share a European genealogy where his father is Polish while his mother is Irish. The couple also has a daughter named Joanna and another son named Michael. 
  • Jack Doherty completed his high school at North Shore High School in 2021 even though he was already popular on YouTube since 2016. To pursue his career as a full-time YouTuber, Jack dropped the idea to join the college. He along with his family was earlier residing in California but his new YouTube channel indicated that he has moved in with his girlfriend McKinley. 
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Jack Doherty’s Career and Net Worth:

Jack Doherty's Career and Net Worth

  • Jack opened his channel on July 15, 2015, and so far has uploaded thousands of videos and shorts in his channel. The primary channel where Jack posts his content is “Jack Doherty” where he pranks in public places. Later he also asked fans to suggest some prank ideas like “Sleeping in the Walmart & not getting caught” which was hype at that time. Day by day as his revenue increased, his pranks became more expensive. Fans enjoy his prank videos however there is a section of people who have to think otherwise. This channel has nearly 14 million subscribers and is still growing at a good pace. 
  • Recently his other YouTube channel “Jack and McKinley” is shared between him and his girlfriend where the couple entertains the public with new creative ideas. This channel is new to the public and they love the content. On his other channel, “JackLIVE” he holds interviews and some random talks with fellow YouTubers and others.
  • In his videos, he is often seen helping the homeless and gifting cash to strangers. All these activities generate him an income of $600k per year and from the Only Fans also he can generate $100k. His other assets include a mansion with 6 supercars including Tesla, Buggati, and Chevy Mustang. So from all the known sources, Jack Doherty has a net worth of $ 2.5 million USD.
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