Top 6 Things You Need to Do to Build a Flawless Recruitment Process

Every business has categories of employees like resource managers, system maintainers, etc. Each of these workers holds an important place in the company’s well-being and has a crucial role in its growth. Therefore, recruiting the right people for every job is extremely important. For that, many businesses including the mfg staffing agencies use a proper recruitment process, and as a startup, you should have one as well!

How to Build a Recruitment Process

To be fair, every company has a separate recruitment process with a standard skeleton but different criteria. For example, some companies prioritize degrees, education, and academic background, while others are more concerned with job experience, skill, and talent. So, when creating a recruitment process, you cannot copy your competitors; you will have to develop your own, and here’s how to do that:

#1. Identify Why You Are Hiring

Before you start inviting people for interviews, you have to go through a phase of self-evaluation and self-awareness:

  • You must be sure about why you are hiring the person so that you can create a list of primary and secondary priorities.
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to determine whether the offered job requires a specific skill, job experience, or a particular educational background.
  • Analyze the job and your work environment properly before recruiting.

You can also make a list of characteristics that the selected employee must have, like:

  • Punctuality with deadlines
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Technical experience with computers and software
  • An educational background in computers, etc.
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#2. Develop a Proper Job Description

Now that you have established why you are hiring, you must make sure that you also communicate it to the ones applying. The way to do that is to write an excellent job description. Include any non-negotiable characteristics (degrees, experience level, personality traits, etc.). Doing so will ensure that only the people who are eligible for the job will apply, doing most of the filtering for you.

Apart from this, the job description must also be perfect to attract ideal employees towards your opportunity. Mention all the highlight perks and benefits of working at your company. If you’re looking for the best employee out there, you should be as good for them as they are for you!

#3. Invite People to Your Opportunity

There are two ways to recruit in today’s day and age: offline recruiting channels and online recruiting channels. Offline recruiting channels include the good old referrals. Even today, amongst all the social media and online platforms, employee referral is still one of the strongest recruitment channels. And this old-school technique is still alive because it’s efficient. Word of mouth brings you excellent candidates and fast responses. And if you want to choose this technique, make sure you’re transparent about the objectives, keep diversity in mind, and prioritize referrals from employees you already love.

The online recruiting channels include social media and web platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Upwork, Fiver, etc. These are also excellent modern ways to recruit. It’s fast, and you can be very specific and clear about your requirements. Plus, you can be very diverse with the employees you hire.

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#4. Review and Interview

Once the candidates start pouring through your recruitment channels, you can review them. You can narrow them down based on your preferences and job requirements. Then, send them interview invites. Interviewing candidates is also a crucial part of the recruitment process, and there is much to take care of when you are interviewing someone. This includes:

  • Making sure that the environment is comfortable
  • Bringing more people to the interviewing table, so you are not biased (plus, it helps you get multiple perspectives)
  • Reviewing the candidate’s file right before the interview
  • Creating a proper list of questions beforehand

#5. Do Background Checks

No matter how much you like the candidate, it is always essential to do a background check. Not only is it a good precautionary measure, but it is also an ethical and legal obligation towards your pre-existing employees. You must make sure that you hire someone who is safe to be around other people and will not cause them trouble. Just make sure that you call the previous references mentioned in their files and ensure that they have a good, trustable background. You must also enquire why they left their previous job if they have ever been arrested or spent time in jail, and other such information.

#6. Make an Offer and Hire! 

If a particular candidate fits your criteria and impresses you at the interview, you can go ahead and make an offer. However, if you have a pre-decided budget for the opportunity, it is always best to announce it beforehand. Doing this will ensure that you and the candidate are not wasting each other’s time. It will also ensure that the candidate only comes to the interview if they are comfortable with the money being offered.

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Having a talent acquisition plan is not a new concept. However, it is still severely underrated. Companies that have a proper recruitment process or a plan have the best team of employees most suitable for their jobs, bringing ideal outcomes and helping the business grow quickly.


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