Current Offers – Save on the purchase of a hoverboard

In order to really save money when buying a turbowheel swift hoverboard it is always worth taking a look at the current offers.Here you will always find high quality hoverboards at a cheap and reduced price.Here you will find current offers and will be informed about what to look out for when it comes to hoverboard offers.

Deals on Hoverboards

You shouldn’t make the mistake when buying a hoverboard and only looking at the price. Poor quality often makes a hasty purchase a nuisance and you end up buying a second time.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a good price/performance ratio, which unfortunately means that you have to dig a little deeper into your wallet.

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You can still buy good quality at a cheap price. Online shops like Amazon regularly offer high-quality hoverboards from well-known manufacturers at reduced prices.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What to look for in hoverboard deals

Here, too, you should not blindly fall for an inevitably good price. Manufacturers often offer their products permanently at “reduced prices” in order to deceive the buyer. That’s why you should compare this price with other online stores to really see if this is a bargain or not.

Always compare the previous price. Here you can see whether it is a high-quality hoverboard. If you are interested in an offer, simply search for this product in other online shops to see if the product is not cheaper there.

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Here, too, customer reviews are an important criterion for the purchase. They have already bought the hoverboard. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, you should grab the bargain.

Where can I find cheap hoverboards?

We recommend buying on Amazon. There are many fake online shops that offer these mini Segways. Here you will find a large overview of hoverboards.

Tips for handling a hoverboard

Since driving a hoverboard is not easy at first, we have written down some tips for you that we hope will help you on your first ride.

Tip 1: Preparation

Mini Segways are battery-operated. It is recommended to fully charge this battery before the first ride. This is good for the life of the battery and so you get the maximum range. It is also recommended to wear protective clothing. We recommend at least wearing a helmet that protects against head injuries. Additionally, but not necessarily, we recommend wearing knee and elbow pads, which can absorb the fall. Especially as a beginner, you will lose your balance very often and you can get serious injuries.

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Tip 2: Find a suitable place to practice

Especially at the beginning, you stand on a hoverboard with shaky knees. For this reason, you should have enough space to practice. We recommend large rooms in which there are no objects nearby. The walls can help when climbing up and down. Most space is found in public places. This is a good place to park at weekends. During the week there are many vehicles on the road. If you own a yard, that can also be a very good place to practice. The practice area should be free of potholes and bumps and there should be no or very few cars on the road. A second person can provide assistance in public places.

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Tip 3: The ascent

The trick here is to put one foot on the platform first while the other stays on the ground. The foot on the platform must be as straight as possible on the board. Only then should you put your second foot on the stand. At first, you try to find the balance. However, this already makes the hoverboard, for one. So you should just take it easy. You can also call in a second person to help, or lean against walls.

It should be noted that it is difficult to correct foot position while driving. It also doesn’t matter which side you climb from.

Tip 4: Brake and accelerate

The cheap electric hoverboards accelerates based on the center of gravity of the body weight. If you want to drive forward, you lean slightly forward. The more you lean forward, the faster you go. To break or reverse, you lean backward.

It’s relatively difficult at first to figure out how far to lean forward, but with a little practice you’ll figure it out fairly quickly. 

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Tip 5: Steering

Here, too, the hoverboard is controlled with the help of body weight. If you want to steer to the left, you have to put weight on your right foot. To move to the right – the left foot. The controls are very precise and direct.

Tip 6: The descent

Just like getting on, getting off takes a bit of practice. It is important to bring the hoverboard to a standstill first. Now you can put one foot on the ground. The other foot should stand on the standing surface as smooth as possible. This can now also be taken from the stand area.

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