What Are Interactive 360 ​​Videos?


What are interactive 360 ​​videos?

put – interactive 360 ​​movies are those in which the viewer has the opportunity to interact. The most common interaction videos are:
The ability to influence the further course of the action of the movie. e.g. by choosing how the next action of the 360 ​​movie will go,
Ability to display extra information, e.g. about objects seen in the 360 ​​movie,
The ability to check knowledge about the issues presented in the film. i.e. displaying a test summarizing the action of an interactive film,
 Influence the decisions made by the heroes of the film,
The ability to trigger extra events. e.g. by launching other applications or sending e-mails,
The possibility of introducing more information. On the various issues rose in the 360 ​​video

Why interactive 360 ​​movies have so much potential?

Interactive 360 ​​movies, unlike traditional 2D movies. Allow the user to move into the middle of the action. Due to the fact that the image in the 360 ​​movie. Surrounds us from all sides – we have the impression of being present in its center. By adding interactivity – as users, we can influence. The further fate of the 360 ​​film and support the heroes in their actions. In the case of virtual reality applications, we can create more interactive solutions. If we have any object in the form of a 3d model. In the case of a virtual reality application, we can allow the user to do anything with that object. From picking it up and throwing it, to changing its shape or color. In the case of a 360 the degree of possible interactivity is lower. But the viewed image is a real image of the world recorded with the 360 ​​camera. It is not artificial, computer-generated graphics. The greatest potential of interaction video 360 ​​movies lies in their realism.

Non-linear narration in interactive 360 ​​movies

A non-linear narrative is a film whose action unfolds depending on the decisions we make. Non-linear narration in 360 movies can take many forms. The two most popular diagrams are show below. On the left, we have a non-linear narrative model in which the user makes a decision from time to time. In this model, his path to the end of the movie is usually the same. Regardless of which path he takes – he will always have to make a similar number of decisions. In the case of the diagram on the right, the second wrong decision can end his VR experience. In our experience, the tree on the left gives a better impression for the user in the case of training solutions. For entertainment, the model on the right is better.
Great possibilities of using interactive 360 ​​videos
Interactive 360 ​​videos are use in many different areas – from entertainment. Through education and training, to solutions that test and test our knowledge. Virtual reality is use by many industries.

Interactive 360 ​​videos in training

It is a kind of novelty. Creators of training systems are looking for engaging tools that will allow training. Participants to recreate conditions as real as possible. By using interactive 360 ​​videos, we not only throw the user. Into the very center of the scene, but also give him the opportunity to influence. The further course of the action. Scientific research has proved that such solutions support science and raise the level. Of knowledge among training participants. Find out more about managerial training with the use of VR.

Interactive 360 ​​videos in marketing

The holy game for the marketing industry is the key word – “commitment”. No medium engages as as VR. By putting on the VR goggles and headphones. The two most important cognitive senses: sight and hearing. They are completely cut off from the stimuli of the outside world. This means that the viewer is to the message we are sending to him. Below are some examples showing our vr projects for the marketing industry.


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