Best Guns You Can Use in COD Mobile

Smartphones were never considered serious gaming hardware. And to be fair, older smartphones really could not claim that accolade. Smartphones could not really keep up with the requirements until recently. Widespread services like Spectrum TV bundles and internet deals have conditioned the gaming community differently. This is why smartphones weren’t everyone’s gaming device of choice until very recently.

High-tech gaming computers and consoles allow for very intense graphics, highly responsive controls, and massive playing game maps. All of these require massive computing power and graphics processing ability. Until very recently, smartphones were incapable of this. But with smartphones growing more powerful each year, you can now play stunning games on them. Even big-name PC and console franchises like Call of Duty have mobile versions today.

These 5 Guns Can Help You Enjoy CoD Mobile

All you need to win at a game like Call of Duty – Mobile is gaming instinct, internet speed, and the right guns. Of course, practice will hone your skills and even help you compete professionally. But you will still need to learn about the game, mechanics, and of course, items. In this case, the right choice of weapon in your loadout could help you win more battlefield encounters. In our opinion, the 5 best firearms to use in Call of Duty – Mobile include:

The AK-47 – High-Damage Assault Rifle (AR)

The AK-47 is a legend among firearms, even in real life. The weapon still sees active use on many battlefields and is also part of the arsenal available in Call of Duty-Mobile. The AK-47 is a heavy-duty, reliable, and damaging assault rifle. Many would say it is by far the best AR in the game. The AK-47 usually comes with iron sights, but you can also look around for a red-dot sight or scope attachment. The weapon has extremely high damage for an assault rifle, and it also has substantial recoil. But once you master the recoil mechanics, you should be able to take care of opponents with ease.

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The Locus Bolt-Action – Powerful Sniper Rifle

Sometimes, killing enemies at long range can be more satisfying and exciting than being up-close. That is why sniper rifles exist in Call of Duty – Mobile, and some of them pack quite the punch. The Locus was introduced in Season 2, and it is a scary weapon. The bolt-action sniper rifle can be used from a very long range. It also lives up to the “one shot, one kill” mantra so many gamers have. It can be a bit tricky to execute long-range shots, especially with the bolt-action reload. But the rifle is so powerful that hitting a target in the foot, leg, or torso is still a certain kill.

The Razorback – Lethal Submachine Gun (SMG)

Submachine guns or SMGs are some of the most versatile guns in the entire game. Useful for both short-range and medium-range battles, the SMG allows players to be more mobile. And in the right circumstances, it can be very deadly. The Razorback is by far the best SMG in the entire SMG category in COD-Mobile. The gun has a fairly lethal fire rate with very little recoil. This means more accuracy, even while running. And with a 30-round magazine of bullets that pack a big punch, you can cut through groups of opponents at close quarters.

The Echo – Shotgun with High Ammo Capacity

Shotguns are by far the most exciting and damaging weapons in any first-person shooter game. Call of Duty-Mobile is no different. The only problem is that most shotguns in the game have a very low ammo capacity. The reload action can also make your response to a sudden attack very slow. However, the Echo addresses all of these issues. With low recoil, a greater ammo capacity, and several useful attachments, the Echo can prove one of the most lethal weapons in the entire game. The high-blast of damage can quickly help you execute 1v1 kills with ease.

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The RPD – Unmatched Light Machine Gun (LMG)

The light machine gun or LMG is not everyone’s favorite class of weapons. But there is no denying that it is both fun and useful in the game. LMGs typically come with a huge ammo belt, but the reloading can take some time. The RPD remains the most used LMG in the game since it comes with over 100 rounds. Moreover, you can find the right ammo for it in most apps fairly easily. You can lay down covering or suppressing fire to help your teammates. And you can even make use of the LMG to execute successful ambushes and other heavy-fire tactics.

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