Which are the Best Rated Montessori Preschools in Ahmedabad

Every child education expert emphasizes the significance of early education in children and suggests parents opt for a yielding learning methodology. Many approaches came into the educational world, each catering to the different needs of the parents. The learning technique that gained maximum popularity was Montessori learning. The demand for a Montessori preschool increased dramatically over the years, which led to multiple available options.

When you begin your quest for finding the best Montessori preschool, you will get a pool of options. You would have to do thorough research and explore multiple options before deciding where to enrol your child. Thus, it is fruitful to narrow your options based on constraints like facilities, location and fees of  Ahmedabad international schools. If you find it a daunting task, refer to the options listed below and choose one of them.

Best Montessori preschools in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School Ahmedabad

GIIS Ahmedabad preschool unit follows Montessori learning methodology. They work to raise a child with a practical approach without stressing bookish knowledge. Children will choose what activities they want to perform, and each activity has a concept associated with it. This way, they will never feel disinterested in coming to school or learning even the most difficult concepts.

Cambridge Montessori Pre School

It is one of the best schools for early education, with a child-centric environment and learning based on real-life experiences. Teachers and the supporting staff are well-qualified to handle young children. There will be absolutely no pressure to stay confined to a classroom and read whatever the teacher suggests. Instead, they plan multiple activities and involve children in all of them to help them learn better.

DV Montessori School

It is the best place for preschoolers that is more than a school and no less than their home. They provide a quality education through Montessori learning, and their children do amazingly well once they join primary school. Moreover, if you check the fees, the school will prove to be worth the fees. Thus, it is fair to say that choosing this school would prove a fruitful decision for your child and contribute a lot to designing a better future.

Little World Montessori

It is a new-age preschool that focuses on building skills, making a child independent, and attracting maximum engagement from them. They believe that a child will learn to his full potential if he feels happy and welcomed at school. That is why they emphasize learning through different activities in which children enjoy their time. When you visit the school, the vibe will mesmerize you. It would be calming and impressive, and you would readily want to enrol your child there.

Crayonz Education Preschool

Crayonz is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad, with qualified educators and a well-equipped campus. The school campus is vibrant and nurturing, exactly how a preschooler would want it. In addition, their amenities and the fee they charge is in sync, making it worthier than the other preschools of the city. So, you can consider Crayonz in the list of preschools you can choose for your children.

The list of schools following the Montessori learning approach in Ahmedabad is endless. Hence, the parents need to explore as many options as possible to ensure that they do not miss out on the best available school for their child. Once you have two-three options with you, the next step is to visit the school personally and check every facility they offer. Thoroughly check the atmosphere at school and ensure that it would be best for your child. Also, you can shortlist preschools based on the Ahmedabad international school fees. Make wise decisions, and you would never have to bother about how well your child grows up.


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