Why Finding the Right Bottle Cap Torque Tester Matters

Do you produce products in the beverage industry? If so, you need to ensure you make a positive impression on your customers and clients. You should produce a quality, safe, secure product that inspires confidence in everything your company does. That is where bottle cap torque testing is important. What is bottle cap torque testing, and why should you use a quality bottle cap torque tester? Take a look at some important points below, and reach out to professionals who can help you.


What Is Bottle Cap Torque?

Torque is used to describe rotational force. Therefore, bottle cap torque refers to the rotational force that is applied directly to the bottle cap when it is screwed in place or removed. When you close and seal your bottles, you need to apply the right amount of force to ensure you have a proper seal between the bottle cap and the bottle. In a perfect world, bottle cap torque should be distributed evenly throughout the closure process.

There is a common misconception that the tighter you screw the bottle cap, the less likely the product in the container is going to spill or leak. In actuality, applying too much pressure to the bottle cap can increase the chances of the product leaking. Some points on the cap may have more pressure than others, which could lead to an improper seal. That is why you should test your bottle cap torque.

Why Is Bottle Cap Torque Testing Important?

Bottle cap torque testing is critical because customers are going to judge your product based on the amount of force they have to apply. Customers commonly judge the quality of your beverage based on:

  • The overall appearance of the package
  • The overall taste of the product
  • How easy it is to open the bottle and reseal it
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Therefore, you need to take advantage of bottle cap torque testing. If you don’t have enough torque on the bottle, you might have a bad seal. This can reduce the shelf life of your product and lead to product leaks. Proper bottle cap torque can increase the shelf life of your products, preventing product leaks from happening. On the other hand, if you apply too much torque, you can cause wrinkling of the packaging itself. This can also lead to a bad seal. Bottle cap torque testing can help you avoid these issues.

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How Can You Find the Right Bottle Cap Torque Tester?

If you are looking for the right bottle cap torque tester, you need to work with someone who has experience in this area. Not every company is capable of testing the torque on your bottle caps, and you need to take a look at reviews, ratings, and references to find the right company to assist you. If you are looking for a friendly, experienced, proactive partner to help you test your bottle cap torque, count on us to help you.

Contact SecurePak Today

If you want to make sure your bottle caps are safe and secure, then you should work with a quality bottle cap torque tester. At SecurePak, we have an unparalleled level of experience helping companies that work in the food and beverage industry. We can leverage our experience to assist you. It is important to measure torque, consistently, so you can rely on the testing results. This allows you to be confident in the product you ship to your customers, and not have product returns. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

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