The four words that will ‘haunt’ Michael Clarke forever amid cheating scandal

Michael Clarke is embroiled in a scandal after his current girlfriend Jade Yarbrough accused the former cricketer of cheating with his ex-flame Pip Edwards.

Sensational footage emerged on Wednesday night of Clarke and Yarbrough embroiled in a fiery exchange over the alleged incident in front of shocked onlookers at a public park. 

Now veteran showbiz reporter Peter Ford has revealed the four words that Clarke said during his scuffle with will ‘haunt’ him moving forward.

Reporter Peter Ford has revealed the four words that will haunt Michael Clarke (left) amid his cheating scandal with girlfriend Jade Yardbrough (right)

During an appearance on Channel Seven’s Sunrise on Thursday to discuss the scandal, Ford said: ‘He used four words that I think are gonna haunt him.

‘I think it goes to his character or what people will perceive of his character, where he twice says, “On my daughter’s life it’s not true.”

‘And now of course he’s indicating that yes indeed it was true,’ Ford added. ‘You don’t pull out that card and use that card unless it really is true.’ 

Karl Stefanovic and Clarke clashed while holidaying together with their respective partners, sisters Jasmine and Jade, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast on January 10.

Clarke wore on his daughter Kelsey-Lee's life during a heated exchange over the allegations. Pictured with Kelsey-Lee in 2020

Clarke wore on his daughter Kelsey-Lee’s life during a heated exchange over the allegations. Pictured with Kelsey-Lee in 2020 

It’s understood the melee was over Clarke’s ex-girlfriend, high profile fashion designer Edwards and recent messages between the pair.

The dramatic footage obtained by the Daily Telegraph shows a shirtless Clarke being screamed at and slapped by his furious girlfriend as others in the group try to defuse the fracas.

But Edwards, 42, was having none of the drama when she returned to her Eastern Suburbs home late Wednesday evening after attending Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert at Allianz Stadium in Moore Park.

‘This is not my circus. Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to,’ she said in a statement to Daily Mail Australia. 

During an appearance on Channel Seven's Sunrise on Thursday to discuss the scandal, Ford said: 'He used four words that I think are gonna haunt him'

During an appearance on Channel Seven’s Sunrise on Thursday to discuss the scandal, Ford said: ‘He used four words that I think are gonna haunt him’

Later, Edwards shared photos of herself beaming at Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour at Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.

In video of the furious exchange between Clarke, Stefanovic and their partners, Jade accuses Clarke of sleeping with Edwards on December 17 and messaging her to say she is the ‘love of his life’.

All hell broke loose while the famous mates and their loves were having dinner at a beachside restaurant in Noosa with celebrity accountant mate Anthony Bell.

The video begins with Jade screaming at Clarke before she slaps him in the face and pushes him away after the cricket legend claimed he had not cheated on her.

‘I’m wrong? I’m f****ng wrong! You’re a f***ing liar. I can see everything. You called her,’ Jade screams, apparently referring to messages between Clarke and Edwards.

Clarke then tries to reassure Jade that he had not slept with Edwards on December 17 and claimed he had been with his mate Bell that night.

‘Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong,’ Clarke insists. ‘Baby, baby, Belly was at the house. I swear on my life, I swear on my life… That’s not true, it’s not true.’

He then swore on his daughter Kelsey’s life that he did not cheat on her.

‘I swear on my daughter’s life, on my daughter’s life,’ Clarke says.

But Jade refuses to believe Clarke’s desperate protests and claims she spoke to Edwards.

‘You’re f******g lying to me. You are a piece of s**t. I just spoke to her. What is wrong with you?,’ she says.

Clarke again denies sleeping with Pip and replies: ‘No I didn’t. You can hit me. That’s not true, that’s not true.’

Clarke appeared to have injured his hamstring in the melee after he was pushed to the ground by Jade as he was seen hobbling across the public park.

Stefanovic’s wife Jasmine eventually steps in and grabs her distressed sister by the arm and drags Jade away.

Jasmine can be heard saying: ‘Get away with Karl, get away with Karl.’

As she is led away, Jade can be heard crying as she turns to Clarke and says: ‘I f***ing hate you.’

Clarke then tries to follow Jade before he unleashes a wave of fury at Stefanovic, seemingly because he is walking away with the two sisters.

‘Karlos, I can tell you now c**t, don’t you f*****g walk away. She can, she can punch me, but you, you c**t,’ Clarke says.

The comment sparks fury from Jade who defends her brother-in-law before slapping Clarke repeatedly in the face.

‘You piece of s**t, don’t you f*****g speak to him,’ she yells.

Stefanovic and his celebrity accountant mate Anthony Bell can be heard telling the couple to stop, which falls on deaf ears.

‘Go, hit me hit me … do it again, you’re wrong, you’re f**king wrong,’ Clarke tells his girlfriend.

Jade screams: ‘Oh am I wrong? You f**ked her (Edwards) on December 17, you f**ked her… you’re a f**king dog … I’m going to show her every f**king message you ever f**king sent me.’

She makes reference to a text she saw on Clarke’s phone inviting Edwards to come to India with him.

‘Oh yeah, you’re the love of my life Pip, come to India,’ Jade says.

Clarke replies: ‘Don’t ever talk to me again.’

The two-minute clip ends with Jasmine and Bell separating the feuding couple.

‘Stop Jade, stop,’ Jasmine pleads. Bell adds: ‘Let it go Jade.’

The ugly altercation unfolded in front of young children nearby, according to stunned witnesses.

A remorseful Clarke has taken full responsibility for what happened.

‘I’m absolutely gutted I’ve put people I hold in the highest regard in this position. My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable,’ he told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday night.

‘I am shattered that because of my actions I’ve drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted all other parties involved for comment.

Clarke’s relationship with his former partner Edwards began in June 2020, following his split from wife Kyly, which they had announced four months earlier.

He and Edwards had been friends for more than a decade before that, but grew close while working on a fashion project together.

The couple called it quits in December 2021.

A source close to the pair confirmed the split, saying: ‘The decision was mutual. They’re two best friends who decided to part ways as a couple earlier this month, but continue their friendship.’

After their break-up, Edwards had a fling with Bondi restaurateur Cameron Northway for about four months, but that fizzled out and she got back with Clarke.

Clarke and Edwards had recently attended an exclusive A-list New Year’s Day bash at Sydney’s iconic Icebergs.

The former Australian Test cricket captain was married to ex-model Kyly Clarke (née Boldy), 40, from 2012 until 2019, but the couple didn’t announce their separation until February 2020.

The Clarkes had kept their separation quiet for several months before she put out a statement on Instagram saying their priority was their daughter.

In a statement at the time, the pair said the ‘amicable’ decision to separate was ‘the best course’ for their daughter.

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