8 Wearable Promotional Items to Boost Your Brand

Promotional items are used every day by companies that want to raise customer loyalty and make the public more aware of their brand. Wearable promo items can be especially useful, as you’ll create a “walking billboard” effect that will get your brand in front of hundreds of new eyes. Eight wearable promotional items are particularly fantastic for boosting your brand: 

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have remained one of the most reliable wearable promo items out there, and this trend has not changed in decades. After all, it’s easy to buy bulk orders of sunglasses in styles that everyone loves. You can add your logo to sunglasses in a subtle, yet effective way to make the promotional campaign you’re running a success. Custom sunglasses with branding are used by companies across the economic spectrum, but fashion companies benefit from this wearable promo item the most. 

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2. Hats

Both men and women can wear custom caps, and they do so in several contexts. When worn as a casual accessory while running errands around town or during outdoor activities, custom hats with your logo can assist improve brand exposure and recognition. Caps are a great promotional item to choose if you want something that your customers will actually wear out commonly. Hats are perfect for brands that want to become an organic, natural part of the community’s visual landscape as well. 

3. T-Shirts

Giving out personalized promotional t-shirts for any event is always a good idea. After all, we all need a shirt when we’re in public, so why not provide people with shirts that can expand your brand? Everyone will use it, ordering and personalizing shirts in large quantities won’t be expensive, and shirts may, of course, be manufactured in a variety of designs. Because they are so easy to customize, you can design a shirt that people will be dying to wear out. 

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4. Sweatbands

If you’re a business that sells sports products, or products for active people, you can benefit a ton from ordering promotional sweatbands. By giving out branded sweatbands to customers who purchase a certain amount of product, you can make them a fun, brand-boosting collector’s item. For stores that service just one community, you may want to consider giving out branded sweatbands to local sports clubs for free. 

5. Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are still among the most widely used promotional goods, which is no surprise given that they go hand in hand with the sustainability movement. What increases the likelihood that a customer will keep your promotional bag? Quality, functionality, and beauty. Buying a tote bag with these three features will increase the likelihood that it will be used more frequently. They have a high staying power because they are most likely to be utilized in crowded settings like supermarkets or malls – creating a “walking billboard” effect. 

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6. Socks

A solid pair of socks can make an outfit. Especially in colder climates, socks are needed to stay comfortable when you’re out and about. Companies who want to give their customers comfort should consider buying a bulk order of promotional socks. Doing so can help them become more attached to your brand, and will help you increase sales. While this is not the best choice for the “walking billboard” effect we mentioned earlier, the quality of socks, and the comfort they provide, can help charm customers in totally different ways. 

7. Face Masks

Face masks are one of the most practical items to provide amid the global health crisis. By branding face masks and giving them out, you’re demonstrating that you care about the community that you’re serving. You can even hand out personalized face masks to your employees to help keep your offices safe. Even as the Covid pandemic slows down, wearing face masks in certain situations remains incredibly important. Help your community do what’s right by giving out promotional face masks. 

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8. Earphones

Does your business deal with music or informational podcasts? Personalized earbuds can be a great way to help your customers spread the word about your brand, and offer a ton of value to your customers. Display your status as a high-end and valuable brand by going for this high-tier promotional product choice in 2023. By offering this to them and demonstrating your support for their passion for music, you will wow your customers, and make them appreciate your brand more than ever before. 

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Boost Your Customers’ Style

By giving out quality wearable branded promo items, you can help boost your customers’ fashion sense. By having stylish customers, your brand’s own class will be boosted significantly in 2023.


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