Few Promotional Bags That Can Be The Perfect Choice For Taking To Any Exhibition

During exhibitions or any such events, several businesses try to exhibit their various products as well as services. 

You will find that custom printed bags from Custom Earth Promos are a major attention grabber among the various promotional products. These bags can be a flexible tool for marketing that is applicable to many kinds of industries and businesses. 

You can draw more visitors to your stall by using a well-designed exhibition bag. So, if you plan to participate in any such event, then custom-printed carry bags should be included on your list.

Why will you need such customized exhibition bags?

Trade shows and consumer exhibitions are suitable platforms for improving your visibility of the business and brand. This can generate maximum leads. 

Usually, not all those who will walk into your stall will turn out as your customer, but they can surely be your prospective customer. However, you can turn all of them into walking billboards with your free advertising by printing the name of your company and services on your exhibition bags.

The effect made by any promotional material is far greater than that created by hoardings or advertisements, just as paperback books triumph over e-books and physical purchasing triumphs over internet shopping.

Because they may create multi-sensory impressions, brochures, folders, memoirs, or even show bags have a larger chance of success. Therefore, rather than print media promotions, hoardings, or audio/video adverts, a lot of focus is placed on customized items.

The advertisement printed on your printed exhibition bag must be noticed by interested visitors and consumers at the exhibition. It should pique their interest and lead them to your stand. As a result, the name and location of the exhibition stand should be clearly indicated.

So, remember to bring your branded bags the next time you join up for any corporate event. Making these goods a part of the marketing arsenal can ensure that your logo is noticed all over the world.

However, if you are still having trouble choosing the right promotional bags for your event, we have got you covered! Take a look at a few exhibition categories and their corresponding promotional bags.

  • Technology shows

Individuals can observe, experience, and buy always the latest technological products at trade exhibitions on inventions, ideas, or technology displays. 

This event brings together industry experts and professionals to share their companies’ most innovative automation technology and services, and laptop bags can be an excellent promotional item.

  • Retail exhibitions

Under one roof, retail exhibitions can bring together all the most significant retailers and buyers. The majority of visitors to this exhibit are usually entrepreneurs and commercial entities looking for new suppliers, as well as inspiration and creative ideas. Cotton shopper bags are the best item to distribute at retail trade shows.

  • Travel expo

Traveling has become a popular pastime among today’s youth. In reality, as a result of the increased demand for trip packages and low-cost flights, various travel and tour businesses have sprouted. 

When you consider an exhibition like this, then nothing beats personalized backpacks as a giveaway or takeaway item.

  • Fitness exhibits

If there are travelers, there are also those who are interested in staying fit and healthy. For this kind of occasion, branded sports packs e.g. drawstrings and certain duffel bags make a great corporate present.

Here is the list of bags designed to help marketers in their quest for generating more marketing ROI at various trade shows.

1. Custom bags

Consider yourself as a trade fair guest who will be collecting dozens of brochures, USB drives, pencils, and other such presents, as well as carrying personal belongings such as iPads and notebooks.

This is an excellent opportunity to provide long-lasting personalized bags that trade fair attendees can use while also promoting your company.

2. Wine totes 

Wine totes are also fantastic bags to consider if you like something outside the box. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing guests to pick their favorite as well as the bottle capacity. Before you make a decision, keep in mind that these bags can be used for more than only carrying wine bottles.

3. Cooler Bags

These custom cooler bags will be ideal on-the-go type of promotional gift as they are used for a variety of occasions, such as picnics, camping, weddings, traveling, or participating in other outdoor activities. 

One more “awesome” feature of custom cooler bags will be that users can use the side pockets for carrying extra snacks, water bottles, or other on-the-go goods in addition to their beverages.

4. Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags can be the lightest of all the advertising bag options. If hauling a large number of heavy bags to the exhibition is something of a hassle, choose drawstring bags instead, which will save you space. 

These drawstring bags are a popular promotional item among trade fair visitors since they may be used not only at the show but also for several years afterward.

5. Messenger bags

Many people will consider favorably of firms that send out a sustainable and eco-friendly message, thus creating an ecologically favorable image for your organization is critical. 

Many eco-friendly messenger bags are manufactured from recycled materials and can last for years. You can also have the manufacturer create messenger totes that are specific to guests of your trade show: Multi-function pockets are one option for storing pens, keys, sunglasses, and phones.

Final thoughts

There are a variety of trade show bag alternatives available that can impress your audience and also help you to be special from the crowd. Custom bags, cooler bags, wine totes, messenger bags, and drawstring bags are just a few of the options available to help your business stand out.

Regardless of the bag you choose, statistics show that most people pick up promotional items (such as reusable bags) during trade fairs and keep them longer even after they depart. Promotional bags can be a great method to get people’s attention and keep them exposed to your brand for a long time.


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