L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk Options 2022

Do you want to learn more about the finest L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk? The actual form of the desk is referred to be L shaped. The desk’s surface consists of longer sides that meet shorter sides at an angle of 90 degrees, creating a shape that is nearly the letter L.

The large surface area of L Shaped desks makes them a favorite of gamers since they can fit up to four monitors on one desk for the best gaming experience.

Various variations are available for this design, such as our corner desk with round corners, standing desks with shorter parts of the L, and even some desks with a tiny area for the bottom of the L.

Gaming areas often favor sleek L Shaped desks, but some of them have a more conventional design.

How Does L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk Function?

For starters, they let you set up many gaming stations at a single desk so you can simply move between them without getting up.

Second, the increased desktop space enables the installation of numerous monitors, which is ideal for various sorts of gaming and even better for people who live stream while gaming.

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With the live broadcast on one screen and the game on the other, you can keep track of both without interfering with your game.

When an L Shaped gaming desk is combined with the ideal gaming chair on wheels, you will have the flexibility to move about and observe your whole setup with ease.

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What Should You Look for in the Best L Shaped Gaming Desks?

When buying an L Shaped gaming desk, there are three main factors to consider: surface size, style, and cable management.

Area Of The Surface

On the top of the desk, it is possible to place items on the surface. Your desk’s length and width should be decided beforehand.

How much you place on your gaming desk will depend on how much space you have in your gaming area.


Various styles, including color and subtle differences in form, should be considered. This may not be as significant if you are only searching for an inexpensive desk to accommodate your gaming systems and monitors.

However, if you’re searching for the ideal desk, you should think about the many types that are accessible.

Management of Cables

Cable management is definitely one of the most crucial factors to consider since having wires and cables protruding everywhere might be hazardous to you and your gaming equipment.

It is essential to have holes cut in the top of the desk for wire feeding or methods to conceal cords to prevent objects from falling on the floor.

Review of the Best L Shaped Gaming Desks

Get to know the reviews of the best gaming desks for L Shaped spaces.

1 – Mr IRONSTONE L shaped Desk

The gleaming L Shaped gaming desk is just a wash away! Unlike other gaming table desks, our black variant is non-slip, non-scratch, and simple to clean.

Durable and Sturdy Construction: Made of P2 MDF Board and a solid metal frame, this hard and sturdy L Shaped desk can handle everything under the sun.

Even if you’re nibbling while gaming, the waterproof surface keeps your desk looking wonderful.

Pro: A 7.4″ ledge on one side allows for a raised display and gaming system or sensor bars to be placed immediately underneath it.

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Con: It doesn’t provide much in the way of cable management.

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2 – Coleshome L shaped Desk

Wide Space with an L Shaped Design: Additional wide detachable monitor shelf adds an extra layer of storage space, with enough room for dual/trio displays.

Sturdy frame made of high-quality materials: Thick metal frames and extra metal brackets enhance the desk’s solidity. The Particle Board desktop is waterproof, anti-scratch, and extremely simple to clean. The desk structure is composed of high-strength powder-coated steel, which assures stability and longevity. The 1.57″ by 0.7″ bar width allows it to hold heavy load deliveries. The desk comes with adjustable leveling studs to make it stable even on uneven floors.


  • The X-shaped legs provide both support and elegance.


  • Because the official Max load is just 110 pounds, it may not be suitable for larger equipment.

3 – Elephance Large L shaped Computer Desk with Shelves

Increase Usage Space: You will have plenty of surface space for your monitors, laptops, or office supplies on this large L shaped gaming computer desk with two 2-tier open shelves for storage. The middle shelf can be removed to make room for a large computer chassis.

Spacious Workstation: The entire L Shaped form fits snugly in a corner to optimize your limited space. The beveled edge design in the center allows you an extra working area.

It has a lovely, elegant style that would look great in any environment. Though it isn’t what you’d expect in a gaming room decorated with LEDs and neon signs, this high-end desk is the perfect piece to match a classy-looking gaming room.


  • Its high-quality wood design makes it ideal for gaming and business use.


  • Because it is a high-end desk, it is more expensive than typical L shaped gaming desks.

4 – Bestier L shaped Gaming Desk with Shelves

Design of a double table desk for a 2-person seat with minimal obstruction. Desk with Adjustable Storage Shelves: When converting to an L Shaped desk, the ladder shelves may be fitted at the right + center or the left + middle. If you have a long desk, the shelves may be positioned at the right and center.

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This gaming desk is fantastic for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the wire management choices.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally dragging displays or keyboards into the floor with three holes that enable you to effortlessly feed wires beneath the desk. Besides the four shelves, there are also four storage compartments.


  • It has four shelves so it can store more gaming equipment.
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  • The disadvantage is that it is a somewhat more costly desk.

5 – DESIGNA 60 

plenty of room L Shaped Computer Desk: You can use it for writing, computer work, and other activities when you have plenty of surface area. It can be easily fitted in a corner to maximize your limited space.

Desk & Mouse Pad that is both healthy and of high quality: It is not only waterproof and anti-scratching, but it is also beneficial for your family and pets, giving you the feeling of being in the forest. This large mouse pad (31 x 23 inches), which is scratch-resistant, anti-collision, and waterproof, can be used to protect the surface of your desktop computer from daily wear and tear.

This 60″ desk is an excellent alternative for an L Shaped gaming desk in a limited area.

The clean and elegant design would look fantastic in any gaming area, and the short end of this L shaped desk is less than 30″, so it can easily fit in a tiny corner.


  • Despite its small size, this sturdy desk is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds of gaming equipment.


  • Although the surface is waterproof, it may be prone to stains or scratches.

Last Words on L Shaped Gaming Desks

L Shaped gaming desks are ideal for allowing you to stretch out and game in comfort. Consider the style, the surface area, and cable management options before making a purchase. What are you waiting for? Pick the L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk now.


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