Top 10 Reasons Why Macbook 12 In M7 Are Better Than Other Laptops?

Apple MacBook is a gadget that is slim sleek and perfect for use by artists, gamers and video editors. Though MacBook 12 in M7 is a little expensive yet it has many reasons to fiddle with the high price. MacBooks have been around in the world of technology for a while now, and in this specific time, these gadgets have paved themselves for the most of available laptops on the market.

There is no doubt that MacBooks are easy to handle and carry, well-designed, and also come with some great features for use professionally as well. But every time this question strikes the mind why are they so well-liked and why these are the better option than Windows-based laptops like Lenovo, HP, Dell, or any other?

Let us look at those top 10 reasons that signify the price of the Apple MacBook more than all other gadgets of the same stream.

1. An ecological unit of the Apple brand

The Apple ecosystem comprises all the designs and software, hardware made up of the Apple brand only. More or less all Apple applications and OS are a part of the Apple network including Apple TV, Apple Music, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, iCloud, Mac and so on. So, when people talk about the Apple network then in actuality they are considering the way of working all the Apple products together. It is the best environment to start your new way of living with reading and editing experience on the iPhone. That is why MacBook 12 in M7 version 2016 is also the best choice for giving a start using a laptop. Since Apple is fully accountable for the production of its hardware and software and a fitted operating system to the MacBook.  This most favorable mixture makes it the best product for consumers.

Other brands have also tried to develop and maintain their ecosystem but they are not much successful as Apple. As a result, the experience of Macbooks is seamless and also incorporated for use in the profession than any other window laptop.

2. An Immersive user experience

MacBook is providing an immersive exercise to users that pulls them into the world of imagination and also facilitates them to interact with their Apple environment.  This is one of the fascinating reasons why the Macbook is better than other laptops. Moreover, its features like high-quality sound and visuals and also technological typing experiences make them more hypotonic devices as a whole. Here’s what is the meaning of these mesmerising features:

  • At first Macbook 12 in M7 has a retina display and also a higher pixel density than most of the other windows laptop screens. This display can make everything clear and sharper in appearance. In the gadget market, there are only a few window laptops that come with the equivalent display quality.
  • Second is the keyboard with scissor-switch travel keys, which gives more spacing and comfort to type. It is not particularly like most other window-supporting laptops.
  • To add, there is no competition for MacBook speakers and sound in the market. It is far better than roundabout all laptops of other brands.
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The overall user experience of working on Macbooks is better to be termed as intuitive as it works the same as users’ expectations. Its system layout, networks, sound and display are easy to obtain and are preferred by users.  In addition to this, a few other tasks such as changing audio/video devices and ejecting drives are also the reasons for its admiration.

3. Simplicity to acquire a Macbook 12 in M7

It is not difficult to buy an Apple MacBook, here are the two main reasons for making this easy purchase. At first, Macbooks only come in two types Air and pro and each has a different target market. This shortened the list of options to select the MacBook at the time of purchasing a laptop. On the other hand, if you go to buy an HP laptop you have ample varieties with multiple features to look upon before deciding to purchase a laptop.

Secondly, Apple’s store to buy Macbooks online is well-ordered and easy to pilot for users to buy MacBooks for them. If you go to offline stores then you can see the dotted locations of the Apple stores across the globe. At the store, you will get well-informed personnel to deal with you for making a purchase. On the contrary, other laptop sites are difficult to navigate because of their several designs and names of the laptops. Moreover, their retail stores are also much more crowded and cluttered.

4. The magic Trackpad offers more versatility

Apple Macbook is equipped with a tactual trackpad that has magnets to click instead of the button under the surface. This is one of the best aspects of the Apple MacBook that provides a smooth and quick-to-respond tracking experience to users. By the experts, it is said that this is the most comfortable and adjustable trackpad in the laptop market. It is large and convenient to use the trackpad while playing games.

Moreover, it is super convenient to control your device with a lot of gestures pooled with the software. To illustrate, to zoom your screen you need to pinch your two fingers or you can also activate mission control by blowing up or down using your fingers. This is a quick and easy way to navigate things using a trackpad. If it is compared with other laptops then they have usually smaller trackpads because they focus on other utilities.

5. Mac operating system and all other superb applications

Another big reason for the popularity of Macbook 12 in M7 is its mac operating system. It is not only user-friendly but also highly stable to use. It is specially built for Apple gadgets and now people have become used to working on mac OS than windows.

In addition, the gadget comes with numerous mac applications that are built into the laptop and are specially designed to work with ease. You can also see a variety of high-quality apps on the Apple store and can download them on your device for perfect creativity, entertainment as well as productivity.

Another defining feature of Apple is its control over the supply chain. The brand looks into each side right from design to retail of its MacBooks.

Most essential components of their laptops are obtainable from multiple sources, while for Apple it’s all necessary parts are being currently obtained from a single source that is one store. This limited source of various components also makes the products of Apple truly one of a kind.

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6. Excellence and permanence of the MacBook

Apple laptops and MacBooks are not only equipped with industry-leading hardware but also their software and hardware are durable and of the best class. if it is used with fair care then you can smoothly use the MacBook for five to six years without any problem. For taking care of the Apple gadget you must learn the best ways to clean and maintain the gadget.

Its robustness makes it a strong contestant in the laptop competition. Its body is made up of aluminium which is sturdy as well as water resistant. It is not that you need not take care of its droppings it means that it is strong enough that there will be a small crack on the screen if by mistake it is fallen from 2 to 3 feet.

If still, something happens unluckily then Apple is also giving one year wear and tear warranty and you can take it to your nearest Apple store and they will do whatever is in their hands.

Mac OS is also a secure interface because there are only a few malware programs those targets it. Moreover, all apple store apps are sandboxed, which means that even if any malware comes then it would not be able to get into the files installed on your MacBook.

Apple has released 20 versions of its mac operating system and all these upgrades are free for users and can be easily installed from the system preference. Users with earlier versions of the macOS need to go to the App Store to get the latest update. If the user selects the option in the settings “Automatically keep my mac up to date” option then users can get regular software updates with bug fixes. This is not available in other window laptops and is another reason to become better than Windows.

7. Longer lifespan and resale value

Endurance and withholding are the other significant aspects of Macbook 12 in M7. If we have a look at the beauty and resale value of other window laptops in the market then they look old and obsolete and do not pay you well if you resell them after a few years of usage. It is not the case for Apple MacBooks, they will look stylish all the time and still can fetch a good price for you in the second-hand market. You can see that a three-year-old Macbook can give you 50% of its recent price in the market. On the flip side, a three-year-old window laptop will only give you a 25% return on your investment.

We all know that technology is changing day by day and apps are growing bigger and making computers slower than usual. But Apple is the only brand that is constantly supporting its users of old versions with growing apps and software updates. This implies, that you will get new features on your mac over time and this apple laptop will also keep the users secure against any online threat. This longevity of the Macbook is the most excellent basis why MacBooks are retaining their value so well in the marketplace.

8. Its fascinating design and communal image

MacBooks are sleek and look cool laptops with premium and creative social status. Many other companies have tried to copy its design and outer look but failed to match the brand’s social status.

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Its outlook is so captivating that when people see you carrying the MacBook they must think that you are either creative or stylish by nature. This is the truth that Macbook 12 in M7 has a specific social prestige that no other laptop can provide to the users. This is the basis for the standing reputation of the Macbook in the market.

To conclude, from the longevity, social image and resale value of the MacBook you have several reasons to own a MacBook more than any other Windows or Linux laptop. Due to its robustness, beauty and other fascinating features, it has become the first choice of users in the market and if we talk about the MacBook 12 in M7, it has maintained its position in the marketplace since 2016. There is no reason reviewed by users not to purchase MacBooks professionally.

There is a range of factors such as user contentment, efficiency and employee retention quoted the brand to switch from a dominated work environment of windows to the mac operating system. Thus, experts have claimed that Mac OS is far better than Windows in terms of its stability and usability.

9. Virtualization of operating system

Apple is a brand that permits other windows to be installed on the device via its boot camp or you can also make use of a third-party virtualization program like viral box, parallels and VMW to install windows over mac OS. It is the case when users are required to use the window platform under definite conditions. So, it is the best investment for the long run and also has virtual access to any desktop software of your desire.

This virtualization not only takes care of the requirements of your software, but in addition, it comes with ample paybacks like picture-in-picture computing by adjusting the screen to put up both platforms simultaneously. On the other hand, the window operating system does not allow its users to install mac OS on their devices in any case. This virtualization is not possible in window laptops. Hence, this characteristic also makes MacBook 12 in M7 the best choice among all other laptop alternatives.

10. MacBook is pre-loaded with useful apps

It is the most admirable feature of making the MacBook the best selection that it comes with a wide range of handy apps that are pre-installed on the gadget. These all are useful applications that would be useful professionally and for enterprises to smoothen their work atmosphere. Therefore, it boosts the admiration and demand for MacBook among entrepreneurs. For instance, it is equipped with a calendar app that makes it convenient for business persons to manage their day-to-day tasks.

These kinds of platforms are not accessible on most windows laptops. They have to install it from the store to use. This dynamic set of built-in apps is a competitive aspect of the MacBook over other laptops.

Moreover, in the office environment also more and more administrations are moving on to issue MacBook 12 in M7 gadgets for their employees, to make the best use of their time and machine together. Hence, this combination helps them to enhance their productivity and revenue as well. For better output, Apple MacBooks offer:

  • The dock and spotlight feature can quickly locate and pull out the apps recently used by the user.
  • Its mission control tool gives a speedy overview of all apps that are open on their Macbook.
  • Apple’s migration assistant helps to transfer files, presentations, networks and printers from old Macs to new ones.  via Apple’s Migration Assistant.
  • A set of terminal commands to enable the files to compress for freeing up disk space, and storage capacity.
  • ‘Who is’ command is also a highly convenient tool for MacBook to use with tasks such as hosting, designing and development and web registration. It gives security to the system instead of navigating to different websites.


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