Creative Ways to Use the Question Sticker for Instagram Stories To Increases Your Following In 2022

Creative Ways to Use the Question Sticker for Instagram Stories

It’s not a secret that features such as those Instagram questions stickers have become one of the most-loved features available on Instagram (buy instagram followers uk). Instagram app. Instagram Stories are only growing in popularity. Features like question stickers are the main reason for this.

Using these question boxes, you can encourage your followers to ask questions, which will get answered via a publicly-accessible blog post. You can also ask your followers questions and then see their answers privately. Whatever your goal, you can find various innovative ways to use this feature. The possibilities of engaging with your followers via Instagram Stories are endless.


How to Use Question Markers A Step-By-Step Instructional Guide

Spotlight an Expert

Offer a unique insight and perspective by hiring an employee or a key influencer to be your spokesperson throughout the day and provide answers to questions.


If you pick an exciting expert for those who follow you, your users will become interested and likely to inquire via the question sticker on Instagram.


In this instance, Zappos asked their fashion director to provide users with advice specific to them on how to choose clothes. She also answered questions like what kind of jeans are the best fit for what type of body.


Instagram question sticker Zappos


Skincare brand OUAI has also joined this trend, having a dermatologist answer your questions on how you can care for the skin you have at home.

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Offering free advice is an excellent way to increase credibility. This makes your site appear more authentic and relatable.


Insist on questions about a specific Topic

If used correctly, when appropriately used, when used correctly, the Instagram question feature is a fantastic tool for connecting with your users. To ensure that your responses are genuine and beneficial, you can ask prompt questions on a particular topic. Inspire the conversation by asking questions regarding a subject people are interested in.

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For instance, Starbucks solicited questions about ordering drinks in ASL (American Sign Language). Starbucks is an accessible business to the deaf The company operates an ASL Signing Store located in D.C. Therefore, this is a subject where Starbucks is knowledgeable. The company has demonstrated that it can answer questions about ordering coffee using American Sign Language.


Instagram question sticker Starbucks

Questions and Answers About A New product or feature

Get your name out there and answer any unanswered questions regarding the most recent developments in your company or industry. Did you release a new autumn line? Utilize your Instagram Question Sticker to inquire from your fans what they think of the brand new collection!


These Q&As will enable your business to improve and collect feedback to improve future collections and launches.


Utilizing the question sticker to ask questions is also beneficial to use for content that is sponsored. If you’re advertising an item, the sticker could let users inquire about the product. The more they know about the product you’re selling, the more likely they’ll buy it.


Answering questions regarding a new feature or product is familiar with using Instagram Stories. Ruggable has done an Ask Me Anything and took frequently asked questions regarding the product’s specifications.



Ivy City Co. followed a similar fashion when this dress brand launched a new collection for the holidays. It also offered customers a “question” box to learn more about the brand’s new offerings.



Finally, the day came when Juice Press updated its app and added a rewards program. Instagram followers could get answers to their queries in Instagram Stories.


Instagram question sticker rewards

Make It A Contest

Contests are gaining popularity as brands and influencers seek to engage with their fans, give prizes and build their followers.


Traditionally, contests are conducted through feed posts. However, because Instagram has developed and added new features, the use of Instagram contest stickers for questions has increased in popularity.


To make question stickers for an event, you need to ask questions about the subject of your contest. You can then select the winner based on who’s the response.


Gain Feedback from Customers

Instagram stickers can be used as an anonymous feature of customer service. With more people using Instagram than before, The question sticker is simple to get feedback from your customers in real-time. Ask your followers to share their thoughts or suggestions to gain a fresh perspective directly from your customers.

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For more details:

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Grammarly recently introduced a new feature called tone detection. When you write text in Grammarly, the tone detector will look at the text and reveal its tone (whether the writing is informal or formal). In this story on Instagram, Grammarly called on its customers to find out what tone the tone detector often informs them. It’s a fun and engaging way for Grammarly to solicit feedback about this new feature.


Help Your Marketing Campaign

One of the most effective methods to utilize an Instagram questions sticker can be used to use it for market research. They allow you to listen to your followers’ thoughts and discover what they’re most interested in buying or reading about content.


This feature provides a myriad of ideas for business, content suggestions, and live strategy shifts to the surface of companies. All the user needs to enter is the box and receive immediate feedback.


The more you are aware of your followers and their interests, the more effectively you can ensure that your content is tailored and geared to their preferences.



Make Instagram’s Takeovers More Engaging

Instagram takeovers are among the most effective ways to gain new followers and build the Instagram brand.


Influencer-led takeovers help increase awareness of your brand and products and provide authentic and entertaining content. Takeovers like these are win-win for both the influencers and brands.


Takeovers become more enjoyable when you add Instagram stickers.

Accentuate the Brand Culture

The real impact of social media can be measured by the amount of exposure it receives and its capacity to attract people to be a part of your community and participate with your content.


The most successful companies can create brand awareness. To create an audience and brand recognition, begin by gaining your existing followers to interact by sharing your information.


Instagram question stickers can humanize your brand and encourage your followers to be involved. Since this Instagram question sticker lets you answer questions in real-time, it is possible to receive feedback from your followers and get to know your followers better. It also allows them to become familiar with you as well.


If you’re trying to showcase your brand’s culture, question stickers can help. Encourage your followers to ask questions about your brand and its culture. If they’re already engaged with the content you publish, they’ll be inclined to know more and ask more questions.

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Find Ideas for Content

Finding fresh content is a challenge, particularly when you feel like you’re lacking direction. Instagram’s Instagram questions sticker function helps in solving this issue.


If you’re looking for ideas for your content, what better approach to getting your followers’ attention than asking them questions? This sticker can be an excellent way to determine what your followers are enjoying, what they’re not, what kind of content is most popular with your followers, and how to use these trends to tailor them to the business’s specific needs. Don’t be afraid of coming directly and asking your customers what they’d like to hear about.

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This is what the influencer Alyssa Webster is doing in her Instagram Story. Alyssa blogs about a broad spectrum of topics, such as fashion, parenting, and other lifestyle topics. She asked her fans what they’d like to read on her blog in this post. When Alyssa receives direct feedback from her followers, she’ll be able to publish the content they would like to see the most, and her engagement will grow.

Get a better understanding of potential product Solutions

In the end, Instagram stickers can help you get insights into possible alternatives to products and their variants.


If you are a company proprietor and want immediate feedback from your customers, soliciting opinions from followers or their opinions on likes and dislikes by using this sticker is an excellent alternative.


For instance, if you plan to replenish previously released items, You can ask your followers to let you know their color and size preferences to help you plan your next purchase. If your customers want to see something different instead of the same old items, they can let you know with the help of the question sticker.


This method works equally effectively for influencers as it does for small-scale companies. Deanna Wolfe is a dietitian who owns her own business, coaching women to get off of dieting. She was recently thinking of creating a podcast. However, she wasn’t sure whether her existing followers would be interested. Deanna shared it on Instagram Stories, asking if she thought it was something people would be interested in seeing. The response was a resounding yes, giving Deanna the confidence boost she needed to introduce something new to her company.

Maximize the use of Instagram Question Stickers

If you’re not currently using Story features, such as those that feature the Instagram questions sticker, now is to begin. If you’re looking to increase participation, improve feedback, or learn more about your followers’ opinions, including Instagram stickers on your Stories is the most effective method to achieve this. Get started now to avoid being abandoned in the dust.


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