5 Factors To Consider When Buying a Cardboard Baler

When you buy a cardboard baler, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. These include the footprint of the baler, how much volume it can handle in a single cycle, electricity supply, and how cost-effective it would be for you to purchase. This article will provide more detail on each of these points, therefore helping you to make an informed decision before you commit to investing in a new product.  

Space requirements

There will always be a trade-off between space available and the size of machinery you can implement. If you are limited on space then you should consider vertical cardboard balers. They have a smaller footprint, but they process less material at a time. 

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If a larger capacity is required and you have the space, then going for a horizontal cardboard baler will be more practical. A horizontal baler can process more material at a time. Furthermore, if you have plenty of space and are looking for a machine with more capacity, then you should invest in a combination baler that can bale both your cardboard and plastic products (see below for more information).

Baler versatility

When deciding which type of baler to buy, you also need to consider its versatility. Balers that are designed to handle different types of material are called multi-purpose balers. This is important because it reduces the cost of buying several machines rather than one single machine to handle all your materials. When you opt for a multi-purpose baler it makes sense to buy a machine that can handle cardboard, plastic, and paper at the same time. This will reduce your costs in the long run by eliminating the need to buy separate machines for each material.

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Electricity supply

Obviously, your baler will need a suitable electric supply to be able to operate. Ensuring that this is factored in at the start of the project can reduce the chances of making costly mistakes, as installing power lines across a yard will cause disruption, additional costs, and a delay in installing your baler.

Safety and training

You also need to think about safety factors. Balers are dangerous machines that can cause injury if they are not handled correctly, so you must have a plan in place to prevent accidents. If there is an accident during the baling process and you don’t have an appropriate plan, then you could be legally liable for any claim made against the company by the injured party.

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When it comes to budget, you will find that the larger the capacity of the baler, the higher the price tag. There is a market for second-hand balers so you can either sell existing equipment when you come to upgrade or purchase a newer baler. This also offers you the option of buying a second-hand machine if you are limited on budget.

When choosing a baler, it is important to consider the capacity and versatility of the machine. This will ensure that you get value for your money. It is also important to buy a baler that is space-efficient and reliable. As already mentioned, it is worth considering the second-hand market, either as a way to recoup an investment in existing machinery or as a way to reduce your initial outlay on a baler that is new to you.

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