IFB Front-Load Washing Machines can be used According to these Guidelines

IFB, one of the leading washing machine brands in India, is known for its front load washing machines. The brand specializes in front-loaders with a wide range of models available in every price bracket.

An IFB washing machine (front-load) consumes significantly fewer amounts of water and power, making it cost-efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. In this article, we will understand how you should use the best IFB front load washing machine.

Starting the machine

The first step is to turn the washing machine on by pressing the ‘power’ button. Now, you need to add the clothes into the tub. Note that you should add clothes up to 70 % of the total capacity for optimum performance. Do not fill the drum completely with clothes as they need movement within the drum to get cleaned. 

The second step is to add the detergent to your washing machine. The detergent dispenser tray is designed for automatic dispensing of detergent. You can add liquid detergent or solid detergent as per your preference.

Typically, the detergent tray has a capacity to hold 40-60 grams of powdered detergent and 30 ml of liquid detergent. The tray should be filled with the recommended detergent quantity before the start of each program. The detergent tray should be pulled out, filled as desired, and shut before the machine is switched on.

The next step is to select the right program as per the fabric being washed and the extent of spoilage.

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Wash programs

Gentle – The Gentle wash program is ideal for clothes that do not require a lot of mechanical action for washing. These include delicate clothing items such as sarees and silk garments. This program runs for around 52 minutes.

Woolens – As the name suggests, this program is ideal for woolen clothes and warm clothes such as sweaters, sweatshirts, shawls, and blankets. This program runs for around 54 minutes.

Cotton – This program is best suited for cotton clothing items including shirts, T-shirts, pants, and bedsheets. This program runs for around 109 minutes.

Cotton Eco – This program is ideal for cotton clothes that require a higher amount of effort to wash. You can add sofa covers, pillow covers, and other cotton items to this program. The mechanical action is increased in this program and temperature is reduced. This runs for around 87 minutes.

Mixed Fabrics – This program is used for all kinds of mixed fabrics including jeans, towels, shirts, table cloths, etc. This program runs for around 81 minutes.

Quick Wash – This program is ideal for clothes that are not soiled and thus, do not require much effort during the wash. It runs for around 31 minutes.

Additive/Rinse – If you wish to rinse the clothes that are already cleaned with detergent, you can select this program which runs for around 33 minutes

Drain/Spin – If you only want to spin or drain the clothes that are already washed, choose this program. It runs for a total of 9-14 minutes, depending on the model.

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Additional Functions

Rapid Wash – There is a ‘Rapid Wash’ button present in several models of front-load IFB washing machines. This function can be used when you feel that your laundry is not very soiled and thus, requires lesser washing time and mechanical action. In this case, you can press this button in any wash program that you are running and it will cut the wash time in half.

Wash Modes – Typically, there are three wash modes in a front-load IFB washing machine hot, warm, and cold. The temperature in hot mode is 60°C – 70 °C, whereas the temperature in warm mode is 40°C – 50°C and the cold mode runs at room temperature.

You can choose a wash mode as per your preference of the wash temperature. While the hot mode is considered most suitable for eliminating germs, the cold mode is preferred in hot weather.

You can start the wash cycle by pressing the “Start/Pause” button. Under the “status” head, there are various lights that indicate the status of the wash cycle as it proceeds. If the “spin” light is on, the washing machine is currently spinning the clothes. These tell you the status of several things like :

  1. Whether the door is locked or open
  2. Whether the child lock is on or off
  3. The stage of the wash cycle such as wash, rinse, spin, and end
  4. If there is an error with the washing machine


Lastly, there is a filter present at the bottom of the machine, which should be cleaned once every few days. Furthermore, the rubber gasket around your load inlet in front-load washing machines should be cleaned regularly for optimum performance of your machine. Clean it with a clean cloth once every 3 days in order to avoid mold build-up around the door of front load washing machines.

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