What Is Gum Therapy? You must read in 2022?

In the US, 47.2% of adults older than 30 have some form of periodontal disease. Left untreated, this can lead to a wide range of dental issues, which can impact your overall health.

As you get older, the risk of periodontal disease increases as well. So it’s very likely that you have gum disease, especially if you’re a smoker as well.

The good news is, you can have it treated with gum therapy.

What is gum therapy? Read on to find out!

What Is Gum Therapy?

Gum therapy is an overarching term that describes treatment for gum disease. Considering that there are different stages of periodontal disease, gum therapy can vary from person to person.

In general, gum therapy consists of education and deep cleaning. Here’s gum therapy explained in detail.


If your gum disease isn’t too advanced, you might have just gingivitis. Thankfully, this can be cured, and it’s done easily.

The dentist will clean your teeth and show you how to brush and floss more effectively. You’ll then be expected to keep up with better oral care to improve your gum health.

Deep Cleaning

During your appointment, the dentist will measure your gum health. This is done with a small device that goes between your gum and teeth. After taking measurements in 6 different areas, you’ll need a deep cleaning if the measurements are deeper than 3.

Deep cleaning will involve scaling and root planing. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar in between your teeth and gum pockets to prevent further tooth decay and gum disease. This shouldn’t hurt, but if it does, the dentist can give you a local anesthetic to make things less uncomfortable.

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If your periodontal disease is bad enough, they may send you home with antibiotics and a prescribed mouth rinse. These will help kill bad bacteria in your mouth and restore oral health.

Following Appointments

Usually, you’ll only need to go in for dental hygiene appointments once or twice a year. But with periodontal disease, this can be bumped up to 4 times a year instead.

The exact number will depend on your specific situation and what the dentist deems appropriate. Make sure to follow their instructions and come back for following appointments to get the best oral health possible. That way, they can check if the treatment’s working, and if it’s not, they can refer you to a specialist like for advanced treatment.

Ask About Gum Therapy

So what is gum therapy? It’s a treatment used to fight periodontal disease. It can keep both your gums and teeth in good condition.

Hopefully, this gum therapy guide has helped you understand that it’s not a painful or complicated procedure. So if you feel like you have gum disease, ask your dentist about gum therapy. They can then recommend the right treatment plan to get your teeth and gums in great shape!

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