Five Smart Strategies To Backup Your Data On Salesforce

Suppose you’ve ever lost your data because of a system malfunction or had the unpleasant experience of having your computer hard drive crash and break. As a result, you might know that Salesforce is not precisely the most reliable data-saving option. This is where some backup strategies come into action. 

First, when setting up Salesforce for business purposes, choose how much space and how many accounts you want to backup. Second, import all document libraries into Salesforce using the “Documents” tab in the sidebar. Thirdly, use email to send yourself documents that are being stored on your computer or desktop directly into Salesforce. 

No matter how you feel about Salesforce, it’s a necessary business element for most companies. This will allow you to access them again even if they lose their connection status on your machine.

  1. Identify Your RPO and RTO

RPO and RTO (Recovery Point Objective, Recovery Time Objective) is your data backup and recovery times. They serve as the backstop to help you determine how often you need to be backing up. For example, you need to backup every day if you have a five-day RPO and a one-day RTO. 

If any data breach or data failure hits your business, then you can get your business back on track easily with these two tools; RTO and RPO. A recovery point objective (RPO) is the amount of data you can afford to lose as a company without impacting the working of your business. Therefore, it will help keep your organization up and running even after a data-related disaster. 

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Similarly, RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is simply the timeframe under which your company needs to restore the lost data. You can get a salesforce data recovery and backup company to look after your RTO and RPO in the first place. 

  1. Maintain Anytime Data Recovery Option for your Company

Remember that your company data is not only the data inside Salesforce. Sometimes, you will have to deal with data from multiple sources, including emails, customer tools, or other CRMs. In this case, you should use outside help by hiring reliable salesforce backup and recovery services that can also give you a relaxed weekend early in the morning when you’re back to work on Monday. 

In other words, constantly ensure that your has backups that can be used in major disasters. Such situations are data loss, computer crashes, and network failure. If you have your private cloud or dedicated server for your data backup, keep a good check on the available space for your backup and restore them with complete care. 

One of the salesforce limits is that it can take up to 14 days to process a large request. So if you store large data sets in Salesforce, it’s best to set up a backup schedule so that they don’t get lost. Again, you can take help from third-party applications for salesforce data recovery and backup.

  1. Keep Backups on More than One Computer

It’s not enough to keep a single backup of all your data. For instance, if the computer storing your Salesforce data catches fire or malfunctions for some reason, you might need to say goodbye to that information. Have a plan to create copies of your data and save them on computers spread out around the company. Of course, this can result in major disasters, but it’s better than not having any backups. 

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If you’ve got a few weeks’ worth of data that  being lost, you probably don’t need to be backing up as frequently as if you only have hours’ worth of info. However, the best idea is to always have backups ready if something goes wrong and you have to restore from the last saved version of your data. 


  1. Store Your Data in Multiple Locations

Configure Salesforce so that it saves copies of your important data to external locations such as Google Docs. You will want to spread them out and ensure that your data is not being contained on a single computer. With a reputable third-party data backup service, it becomes easy for an organization to back up the documents in Salesforce. You can set up two types of backups: a full system backup or a general image backup. The first is immensely useful when you want to keep a complete backup of your Salesforce data. The second is good for a general image of your data in Salesforce. 

With data-loss incidents on the rise, companies must have a testing plan to ensure that the backups are working correctly and not containing any errors that could cause problems with the backups or result in a coverage gap.

  1. Avoid Saving Important Data to Your Desktop

It may be tempting to shove all of your Salesforce files into a folder on your desktop, but it’s more important to keep them all in order on the cloud. Having copies of Salesforce documents and other critical files stored in an external location such as a cloud storage system will ensure you have what you need if something happens to your desktop, laptop, or network connection.

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Salesforce backup and recovery services will help you to avoid data loss situations.  The best thing is that these services are affordable for all small, medium, and large-sized businesses.


These are just a few ways you can protect your data on, but they should serve as good starting points when deciding how to go about this. For example, as you grow older and your business becomes more mature, you might decide to switch over to a cloud-based data storage system that will make it easy for your team members to access information without having them save it locally somewhere on their personal computers.


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