Planning for Instagram posts – 5 useful tools

Anyone who wants to develop their Instagram account should know how important it is to plan posts. Regularly adding content has a positive effect on the algorithms and allows us to reach more recipients. Thanks to this, more people can be interested in our profile and click the “follow” button. So how to effectively plan your Instagram activities? Learn the best ways and tools to help you stay regular and develop your Instagram profile.

Why is scheduling Instagram posts so important?

Well-planned content is the key to success. If you want your Instagram account to grow, you need to regularly provide your with valuable content. Creating posts in advance will allow you not only to be systematic but also save a lot of time. Well-polished content and photos will create a common narrative, and your profile will become more and more attractive to the audience. Thanks to this, you will attract new followers and build a strong personal brand.

How to plan Instagram posts well?

Some time ago, planning content on Instagram was not an easy task. Not everyone could afford to sit with the phone in their hand at a certain time to add a post at the best time possible. The matter was even more difficult in the case of marketing agencies and freelancers who ran several, and sometimes even a dozen or so, accounts of their clients. Today, planning Instagram posts is much easier due to the number of tools available. There is a large selection of applications on the market that have many useful functions.

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Instagram post scheduling tools – Creator Studio

Scheduling Instagram posts some time ago was only possible with the help of external applications. Today we have at our disposal a completely free tool from Facebook – Creator Studio. Initially, it was intended only for pages on Facebook, but today it has developed enough to allow you to publish content on both of these platforms.

How to use Creator Studio? It is very easy. The Instagram profile must be switched to a professional account and then linked to a Facebook page. You can perform all actions at studio. Unfortunately, there is no direct access to Creator Studio from within the Instagram application. If you want to use it on a daily basis, it will be a good idea to bookmark this address in your browser.

Creator Studio is easy to use and has a very intuitive menu. After entering the Instagram section, we see the Material Library, which contains everything that has been published on our profile so far. In addition, we also can analyze the statistics that are presented in the charts.

In Creator Studio, we can create and schedule posts that will appear in the news (feed) and IGTV. A great convenience is the ability to type using a computer keyboard. For many of us, creating voluminous posts on a small smartphone screen could be very tedious in the long run. The publication of ready posts can be set to any day and time we choose. It’s best to choose the time when our followers are most active. Unfortunately, in Creator Studio it is not possible to create stories.

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Instagram post planning tools – Planoly

Planoly is a professional content planner that allows you to add posts along with hashtags and location. With this application, you can plan posts to maintain the consistency of the feed, which is very important when gaining new Instagram followers. The uploaded photo will not be published immediately, so you can easily check if it fits well with the rest.

Thanks to Planoly, we can schedule posts by choosing the right day and time, and add Insta Story stories! Interestingly, this option is also available in the free version. We can add up to 30 photos a month for free. The cheapest package costs $ 7 (if paid for a year in advance) and offers many other options. You can also use the Planoly app to manage your Pinterest accounts.

Instagram post planning tools – Later

Later is an application very similar to Planoly. It has the same functionalities, but in the paid version it is slightly more expensive. The cheapest package costs $ 12.5, but in return we can support more platforms. With Later, you can plan activities not only on Instagram and Pinterest, but also on Facebook and Twitter. The free version of Later allows you to add 30 photos a month, but unfortunately, access to statistics and adding Insta Stories is only possible in the paid versions.

Later and Planoly are very useful applications, not only for planning and publishing content on Instagram, but also for profile management. The use of these tools is as safe as possible. Both applications are business partners of Facebook and Instagram, so we can provide them with data for our profile without any worries.

Instagram post planning tools – Kontentino

Kontentino is a very useful tool for marketing agencies and social media managers. It allows you to publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. It has a very useful function, thanks to which we can send scheduled posts for customer approval. By e-mail, we send a link where you can see the post, leave a note, and even specify the budget for a paid promotion. The application has a lot of different extras. The ability to check the amount of text in the graphic is also a great help. In the free version, we can test these functionalities for 14 days.

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Instagram post planning tools – Prewiev

The Preview application is used to plan the appearance of a photo grid on an Instagram profile. Its advantage is the fact that in the free version, there is no limit to the number of photos added.

If you are looking for an option that allows you to plan your Instagram activities for free, use Preview in combination with Creator Studio. In the application, you can preview the appearance of your feed, and in the wizard you will create and add future posts.


There is a very large selection of different Instagram post-scheduling apps on the market, such as Hootsuite, Plan, and Follow Planner. Thanks to tools, getting Instagram followers in Australia has become easier and more enjoyable. Which application to choose? It depends on your needs and the number of accounts you support. Take advantage of the free trial periods and by trial and error, choose the option that will allow you to organize and plan your activities as well as possible. Thanks to this, you will save time and your content will reach a larger number of recipients.

However, do not forget about the simplest ways, such as Excel and a notebook on your phone. The best ideas for posts often come suddenly and unexpectedly, so write them down even on a piece of paper. Such notes will be useful in further planning and creating valuable content.

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