10 House Sale Tips: Advice for More Success

difficulty Selling your house can be a monumental task. When making such a huge transaction, no detail is too small. To sell your property without and for a fair profit, you should follow these 11 helpful tips.

  1. Take your time

Before you sell your house, you should invest time in the necessary preparatory work and organize the sale with foresight. Do not underestimate the scope of your project.

  1. set your goals precisely

First, ask yourself a few basic questions about your goals:

  • What sales price am I aiming for?
  • By when should the purchase price be reimbursed?
  • What is a realistic and appropriate time to sell?
  1. Develop a feeling for the right selling price

Anyone who overestimates the value of their property in the purchase price directly discourages potential buyers. However, if you underestimate the achievable value, you make a loss. If you’re working with Alaziz Builders, our experts can help you develop a feeling for the right selling price and achieve the best results. We have years of experience in the real estate industry and can help you get the most for your property.

  1. Right decision: self-marketing or broker?

Many people underestimate how time-consuming and costly it is to successfully sell a property. It also requires expertise that laypeople normally do not have. We recommend that you seek the support of a professional realtor for a successful and uncomplicated property sale.

  1. Compile all the necessary documents at an early stage

Questions from prospective buyers can be answered more quickly and more precisely if you have all the information together. With complete documents, the broker can also create a high-quality synopsis, which simplifies the search for interested parties and the negotiations.

  1. Make your property shine

When viewing, the first impression counts! Accordingly, you should get your property in top condition both inside and out. By decorating in an appealing but neutral way, you create the right atmosphere.

If necessary, get professional help for the so-called “home staging”, which means the visual and emotional enhancement of a property.

  1. Professional exposes and online presentations are becoming more and more important

Create an appealing synopsis with professional indoor and outdoor photos and texts that highlight the positive aspects of your property. Include clear floor plans and a city map with the existing infrastructure.

  1. Prepare yourself for the viewing appointments

From the very beginning, try to understand the buyer’s motivation to buy to optimally present the advantages of the property. But don’t hide any shortcomings either. This openness creates trust and can have a positive effect on sales negotiations.

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  1. Don’t let yourself be determined too quickly when negotiating prices

Before negotiating, you should make a note of your absolute lower price limit and your target price. Do not go into price negotiations too quickly; take your time. If necessary, ask for a little time to think it over and do not let yourself be rushed to make a decision.

  1. Check the solvency of your buyer

To avoid unpleasant surprises after the sale of your property, you should check the solvency of your buyer. You can ask the potential buyer to submit a self-assessment. “Credit check” gives you a realistic risk assessment.

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