Film Production Studios in NYC- Basic Equipment to Get Started

Are you entering the filmmaking industry as a beginner? The first thing you’d need is to be equipped with all the tools, a production studio, and a team. While you may take care of a professional team, we have made preparing for other things easier. Film production studios in NYC need to be equipped with updated and advanced equipment for excellent filmmaking procedures. It will prepare you for a complete filmmaking experience.

The list of equipment is endless when it comes to flawless advanced filmmaking. However, some basic equipment checklists can get you started. Read below the essentials you’d need.

  1. Video Camera 

You must have considered looking for a lot of film cameras as it’s the essential thing any studio would have. But the actual decision is deciding on the type of camera you’d need. The very first thing your decision will revolve around is your budget. The other factor that matters when you have the budget decided is the project’s subject. 

Determine your target audience and the platform where the film will be released (social media, big screen, TV, or a smartphone function). Will there be virtual studio production involved? Are you going to film any static or stealth camera shots? 

Some camera choices include cinematic, smart devices, camcorders, and ultra high definition 4k. 

1. Lenses

While shooting a movie, the filming will include different angles, shots, and filters. So, it’s helpful to get a collection of lenses and filters. Get the basic lenses first and shop for advanced quality lenses as you expand. For example, a good-quality wide-angle lens would take those fish-eye shots. But the shot can get ruined when it’s a sunny day. This can be prevented using polarizers or ND filters. 

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2. Lighting

Filming can’t be performed without lighting, no matter what time you are shooting. There may be shadows on one subject or the other that will need a ray of light. You can perform a complete studio shot with a complete lighting set. 

3. Tripod

Tripod is among the equipment that you’d need for every steady shot. Whether it’s a filmy wedding shoot, a celebration, or any other movie shot, steadiness in the camera is essential. Handling the camera in hand may shake some shots as our hands are not steady. You do not want the shots to be bouncing all the time. Getting a tripod can ensure that your video streams smoothly throughout. 

4. A well-versed studio

A studio well equipped with all of these tools gives you the freedom to shoot privately. It provides a location available with all necessary equipment. Plus, it allows filmmakers to do chroma keying with a chroma background. It even makes it easier to perform virtual productions as it can’t be done outdoors. Find studios like Cobalt Stages to ensure that you have a facilitated room for shooting. 

If you’re starting filmmaking, make the right start. Equip yourself with all the essential tools and a studio. You may even rent studios if it is a one-time project and you don’t have your own.

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