Tips to Hire Heavy Lifting Equipment Services for Commercial Moving

If you are looking for a professional moving company to help you with the relocation, some research is essential. The right moving company will have proper heavy lifting equipment, manpower and experience. It would be preferable to choose the company with thorough research. If you’re not 100% confident about this, take help from some hiring tips below. 

Ask friends and family

Take recommendations from friends and family members for moving companies they have worked with. A live example of a consumer who has experienced service is better than any Google review. If you have any friend or family member who has hired a moving company even once, they might help. They may help you find some local commercial movers, and they may also suggest the names to avoid. 

Get written estimates in person

Getting an estimate in person makes sure that the quote a company gives you is as precise as possible. Plus, you also get a chance to learn more about their machine installation and other services offered by them. 

Be transparent with the estimator 

Make sure that when you hire a moving company, you show them everything that is to be moved. Show them every furniture, machinery, belongings, boxes and all the stuff that you’d like to be moved. If you want to move isn’t mentioned in the quote, the movers might actually refuse to move them instead of asking for extra money. So, be on clear terms from the start. 

Ask them about additional charges

Many movers surprise you with extra charges after the deal is done and it’s time to pay. Nobody wants these kinds of surprises. So better be sure of the costs you’ll have to bear at the start. Ask them if they have any additional charges apart from what they have discussed with you. Some might end up adding extra costs for fuel, different stop charges, surcharges and equipment fees. 

Check work portfolios 

If you are dealing with a reputed moving company, they’ll be happy to show you their past works. If they don’t, you can ask them for references from their past clients. Make sure to check them out because you need to be confident about the company you hire. Not just their pricing and heavy equipment moving powers, but their reputation also counts. 

Do your research 

Before you decide on a moving company, do thorough research on their background. Know about the names that the company works under, look at their license, check the certifications on their websites or contact your local business bureau to know more about them. It helps to confirm that you aren’t working with a company that has no trace online or offline. 


Moving can be a hefty task. There is no question that you need professional help for moving, but it should be the right expertise to hire. You need to look for the best to get safe relocation. If you need to relocate, follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that you hire the right person. 

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