Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book for NNAT 2

NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) is a standardized test for small children ages 3 to 17. There are different levels of NNAT tests based on the kid’s age and education level. The test is conducted in the United States as part of the admission process. The test aims to see the children’s logical, language, and analytical skills. The wipe clean early learning activity book is a great way to enhance the learning with the updated practice questions. 

Table of Contents: 

>Why Take the NNAT?


>How to Prepare for the NNAT 2 

  • Tutor’s Help
  • Online Preparation
  • Practice Workbook

Why Take the NNAT?

NNAT came into existence due to the U.S. administration guidelines. NNAT is compulsory to clear as it helps students to know where they stand. Students become more sincere and disciplined towards their studies and ensure to clear the test for getting into ranked school. 

Generally, the test consists of non-verbal questions that include shapes & colors. It’s essential for children aged less than 5 to have strong learning of English and basic Mathematics. 


As discussed above, there are different levels of NNAT. Usually, NNAT level 1 and level 2 are most likely similar tests as both the tests contain general ability. The NNAT test level 1 contains seven sections (A-G), and every section includes four different questions. On the other hand, NNAT 2 consists of 48 questions which are more than NNAT level 1. Better to get preschool learning books that allow kids to practice and understand the questions with concepts. 

How to Prepare for the NNAT 2 

➤Tutor’s Help

NNAT is a difficult test, and children need a lot of practice to clear the exam in their first attempt. However, it doesn’t mean to scare you, but the test will surely be difficult without practice. Students have less time to solve the question, so the one who is familiar with the types of questions can be a bit fast. Some parents send their children to a tutor who can help their child to practice NNAT 2 test questions. However, parents need to be certain that teachers are qualified and possess the knowledge of the test-based questions. 

➤ Online Preparation 

Another smart way to practice NNAT2 is through online test papers. One can find the practice test online and get a print of the test to make their kids understand and learn the type of questions. Well, it will require a lot of effort from parents’ end to find a reliable test paper online and get the hard copy to make their kids learn thoroughly. 

➤ Practice Workbook 

I personally prefer a practice workbook. It’s because the workbooks are designed in a way that stimulates kids to show interest. The books are colorful and relevant, yet updated questions are contained, making the learning go in the right direction. Plus, students can practice anytime and anywhere. Therefore, early learning books based on NNAT 2 are the most efficient way of learning.



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