Custom printed stand up pouches can be a great way for your business

The items we purchase on a daily basis come in a different type of packaging. Some products come in folding cartons, whereas some are packaged in bottles, glass jars, as well as metal tins. All these packaging solutions have been used for decades. However, custom stand-up pouches are one of the most recent developments in packaging design. It is responsible to offers a number of benefits for both companies and customers alike.  Let’s have a look at some of the significant reasons why companies select custom stand up pouches for product packaging. You will see, from production to purchase- custom stand-up pouches in every way.

  • Flexible Printing

In terms of custom stand-up pouches, highly personalized screen printing can be is easier to obtain as compared to other packaging alternatives. Printing on metal is time-consuming, and the results is not as good as on stand-up pouches. Moreover, other packaging methods have labeling concerns.

Keep in consideration, flexographic printing for flexible packaging is one of the most versatile of all printing techniques. It provides magnificent high-definition graphics. On a wide range of films, this printing technique is responsible to provide the most exact ink control. While combined with this modern printing process, custom stand-up pouches provide your product with the most eye-catching graphics.

  • Easy Transportation

One of the significant reasons to buy custom stand-up pouches is, you’ll save money in the distribution process. With the help of custom stand-up pouches, accommodate up to ten times the number of units in a single truck. It will allow you to store more of your product in less area. Furthermore, moving it around also takes less time and effort.

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As compared to standard packaging, custom stand-up pouches are light. However, the cost of transportation is significantly connected to the weight of the shipment, it is a major perk for the producer. It is fascinating to know that flexible packaging solutions also take less space than standard packaging. It allows the manufacturers to load more products into a shipping container.

  • Overall Cost Reduction

If you really want to save money on materials, there is no better option than switching to custom stand-up pouches.  If a custom stand-up pouch costs 15 cents every run, it is less than half the cost of its closest competitor- costing around 35 cents per unit. Plastic jars are more costly and the metal jar ranging from 50 to 60 cents or possibly more. Hence, selection of unique custom stand-up pouches exponentially increases your company’s profit margins.

  • Increased Product Safety

Custom stand-up pouches are responsible to keep food fresher for long period while providing great barrier protection from the elements. Puncture-resistant films protect the items during transportation. Along with this, specialty high barrier films give additional protection against moisture, UV radiation, as well as other factors.

Moreover, pollution is one of the significant issues leading the consumers to opt for support environmentally friendly businesses. Plastic contains poisons and chemicals that are responsible to contaminate water. On the flip side, having custom stand-up pouches made without plastic is one of the major steps in the right direction. It has a significant impact on the perceptions of your brand.

  • Improved Shelf Impact

One of the significant reasons to prefer custom stand-up pouches is their variety of shapes and sizes, and outstanding graphic printing we mentioned above. The most obvious perk of custom stand-up pouches is the increase in space for the manufacturers. Along with this, custom stand-up pouches give your items the ability to compete in various ways as compared to other more standard packaging containers.

  • Size Variations

You can get custom print stand-up pouches in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A lot of consumers prefer the traditional pouch. It’s a round-bottomed pouch that folds flat when empty. Along with this, plastic packaging technologies also offers roll stock, sing-web quad bags, pinch bottom box pouches, and flat-bottom box pouches.

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