5 Things You Should Know About Cbd Vape Pen

The vaping industry has registered impressive growth in the recent past. With more people turning to vape, there’s a corresponding increase in the demand for vaporizers and vape materials. 

Vaporizers, also known as vape devices or electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or e-cigs), are devices used to inhale the vapor produced due to heating certain herbal extracts. Vape materials are the specific herbal extracts formulated with a vape device. 

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. They range from first-generation, simplistic devices like cigalikes to more advanced ones like vape pens and vape mods. 

Vape pens, as the name implies, are special electronic cigarettes that resemble the traditional marker pen. Like any vaporizer, vape pens can be used to inhale all manner of herbal extracts, ranging from tobacco to mullein, kratom, and CBD. 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychotropic compound extracted from cannabis CBD. The substance is widely marketed for its many pharmacological applications. 

Now, vape pens simply refer to special vaporizers designed for inhaling cannabidiol. This article unpacks the top five things to know about CBD vape pens.

CBD Vape Pens Provide Many Health Benefits

The very first thing to know about CBD vape pens is that these devices offer plenty of therapeutic benefits. 

Below are some of the medical issues you can treat using CBD vape pens;


As with any medical condition, CBD treats pain via its effects on the endocannabinoid system. 

The endocannabinoid system is a complex network of receptors called endocannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids. The system plays a significant role in various physiological and metabolic processes in the body. Its functions include aiding pain relief, regulating sleep-wake cycles, and maintaining endocrine balance. 

CBD treats pain by impacting the capsaicin receptor, one of the central endocannabinoid receptors that promote pain mediation. 

Due to cannabidiol’s analgesic properties, using CBD vape pens might help treat various medical conditions that produce pain as the main symptom. Examples include endometriosis, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.


Using CBD vape pens may also help to relieve inflammation. Cannabidiol is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that mainly fight inflammation by activating chemicals that transmit the body’s inflammatory messages. Examples of these compounds include the proteins cytokines and chemokines. 

The best part about CBD vape pens for inflammation is that these devices can help with acute inflammation caused by physical accidents or strenuous workouts and chronic inflammation triggered by diseases like arthritis and cancer.


Anxiety is a serious mental disorder that generally results from prolonged stress. The condition can also be triggered by hormonal imbalances in the body and certain medications, and underlying medical conditions. 

If untreated, anxiety can degenerate into more severe mental and psychiatric problems. Fortunately, you can use CBD vape pens to keep anxiety at bay. Cannabidiol treats anxiety by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol. The compound also exerts its anxiolytic effects by enhancing the body’s access to pleasure-inducing hormones like serotonin.

The following are other medical issues you may treat using CBD vape pens:

  • Skin conditions like acne
  • Sleep disorders like REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)
  • Psychiatric issues like schizophrenia
  • Metabolic disorders like diabetes

CBD Vape Pens Come In All Shapes and Sizes

We began by mentioning that vape devices come in different shapes and sizes. CBD vape pens are just one example of the many vaporizer types out there. 

However, CBD vape pens are also available in many designs. It all depends on the specific cannabidiol formulations you intend to use the device with. 

Note that CBD-infused inhalable products come in three primary forms. They include CBD e-liquids, CBD wax concentrates, and dried hemp flowers. 

CBD e-liquids are designed for vape pens inbuilt with liquid cartridges, whereas CBD wax concentrates work best with vaporizers known as wax pens. Lastly, you’ll need to invest in a powerful dried herb vaporizer if planning to inhale dried hemp flowers.

CBD Vape Pens Are Less Harmful Than Smoking Marijuana

There are multiple ways to consume cannabidiol. Common delivery methods include:

  • Administering cannabidiol tinctures sublingually
  • Swallowing encapsulated CBD pills and tablets
  • Ingesting CBD edibles like gummies and chocolates
  • Applying CBD-infused cosmetic products externally
  • Smoking dried cannabis extracts
  • Inhaling CBD-based products

Before introducing vaporizers, smoking was one of the most popular ways to administer cannabidiol. However, the increased awareness of the adverse effects of cigarette smoking inspired many smokers to transition to vaping. 

CBD vape pens are considered safer than traditional cigarettes because there’s no combustion involved while using vape pens. That means there’s no smoke generated either. Therefore, a CBD vape is exposed to far fewer toxins than a cannabis smoker.

CBD Vape Pens Won’t Get You High

Cannabis is famous (or infamous) for its psychedelic effects. However, most people don’t realize that this plant is a broad genus of numerous species and strains, and not all cannabis species will readily get you high. 

CBD is generally obtained from hemp. Hemp is a cannabis cultivar noted for its high levels of CBD and low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis. 

Since cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, it goes that all products containing pure CBD won’t get you high. And that includes CBD vape pens. 

However, note that CBD vape pens could still induce specific side effects if overdosed. So, remember to practice moderation with these devices.

CBD Vape Pens Are Not Globally Legal

Vaping laws vary from one country or state to another. The same is true for cannabidiol laws. For instance, vaping is legal in the United States, Canada, and many European Union countries. The practice is also legal in some Asian and South American countries. However, most African nations are yet to enact clear vaping regulations. 

Cannabidiol is also legal in the United States and Canada, as well as many European countries. However, note that most jurisdictions that have legalized CBD have clear guidelines on the concentration of THC that those products can contain. For instance, CBD-infused goods are federally legal in the United States if these products contain a maximum THC percentage of 0.3. This appears to be the case in many other countries where cannabidiol is legal for medical use. 

Final Word

CBD vape pens are a fancy way to consume cannabidiol. These products offer plenty of health benefits, which are tied to CBD. But as with any cannabidiol-based product, you’ll only enjoy the benefits of CBD vape pens if you use these devices in moderation. Besides, remember to check your country’s vaping and CBD laws before accessing CBD vape pens.

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