What Makes A Good Tattoo Artist?

The tattoo industry has exploded over the past few years and the industry has produced a lot of great tattoo artists as well as bad artists. So what separates a good artist from a bad one? Some people use the quality of the work obtained after the job has been done to determine if the artist is good or not. Even though it’s a way to determine if the artist is good, it’s a bad way to go about it. There are several things you can notice from a tattoo artist that’ll tell if he’s good or not. Do you want to learn about the things you should look out for? If you do, then continue reading, because, in this blog post, you’ll be learning about what makes a good tattoo artist.

Who is a tattoo artist?

A tattoo artist is someone who applies permanent decorative tattoos, mostly in an established business known as a tattoo parlour or tattoo studio. Tattoo artists learn their craft from a trained and experienced mentor through apprenticeship. 

What makes a good tattoo artist?

A good artist observes proper health and safety precautions 

The tattoo industry has health and safety precautions that every tattoo artist should abide by or follow. A good tattoo artist should have an updated bloodhound pathogens certification, clean their machine always, wear gloves always, and keep their workstation tidy.

A good artist pays attention to detail

Accuracy and thoroughness are two essential traits that every good tattoo artist you can think of possesses. Because tattooing is a demanding job, a tattoo artist must have good eye and skills, listen to their client’s ideas, and should be able to turn their client’s thoughts into art pieces that best describe what their clients want or desire.

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A good tattoo artist has solid, consistent linework

A good tattoo artist despite their experience or style must have solid and consistent linework. Every tattoo artist knows that linework is the foundation of most tattoos. That’s why many tattoo artists ensure that the linework in their tattoos are as crispy as possible. 

A good tattoo artist must be able to adapt to new trends

Tattooing is a line of work where tattoo artists have to continually ask their customers about their expectations and as such a good tattoo artist shouldn’t be rigid, the tattoo artist should be able to adapt to new trends. The reason for that is simple: customers can change their minds during the process and as a good tattoo artist, you should be flexible in dealing with them. Good tattoo artists help their customers by guiding them through the entire process while adapting in order to provide their customers with the experience they deserve.

A good tattoo artist posts healed tattoo photos

A good tattoo artist is proud of their work. They readily display or have a portfolio of their work which usually consists of a physical, printed photo album that carries a variety of tattoos that they claim to be part of their style/technique wheelhouse, shown in fresh and healed pictures that are undoctored and in focus.


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