Car Noises that Need Immediate Attention

All vehicle owners can detect strange noises coming from their engines at some point. While some of these noises are harmless and easy to fix, others require your immediate attention before these issues exacerbate and push you to sell your car.

Listening to your car is essential as the sounds it makes can be a hint that something is wrong. Does your car sound different than before? Is there a sound you have noticed for some time and ignored?

Here are five engine noises that demand sharp focus.

1.   Hissing or Chirping Engine

Hissing sounds indicate overheating or a clog in the exhaust system or the catalytic converter. A hiss could also mean a leaking vacuum. These types of noise could also point out that engine fluids are leaking into hot exhaust parts, damaging your engine, and forming a dangerous fire hazard. You can resolve the above-mentioned problem by installing the ford focus exhaust system in your ford car.

Chirping sounds can indicate that your timing belt – or serpentine belt- has become loose or damaged. In some cases, a faulty belt is easy to adjust. At other times you should replace it entirely.

If left unaddressed, these issues will worsen and endanger your safety, cost you more for repair, and affect the evaluation price of the car.

2.   Squealing or Grinding Brakes

A typical noise that a car makes could be to down its brakes. Squealing or grinding sounds can be because of worn brake pads or shoes. Essentially, your car may lack the brake pad thickness it needs to prevent metal components from rubbing against one another.

If you notice this early, you could only need to replace the pads. Yet, unsolved brake issues can cause brake failure, as the elements of the brakes touching directly can damage the discs.

Eventually, worn brake parts will not function properly, resulting in total loss.

Once this level of damage happens, your braking system becomes unsafe and unreliable. Other causes may include loose or incorrectly mounted brake clippers.

3.   Rattling Wheels/ Steering Wheel

The rattling noise in the car wheels could suggest something is wrong with how they are attached to the car.

For instance, a lug nut may have come loose and rattled as the wheel turned around.

Noises from your steering wheel may point to a shortage in the power steering fluid or damage to a part in the steering column. Issues with these car components can make the vehicle harder to maneuver as the problem develops. Eventually, making your vehicle dangerous to you and others on the roads.

4.   Rumbling/ Exhaust pops

If your car sounds rumbling when you accelerate, there could be a hole in your muffler.

Although gaps in your muffler are not harmful to your car’s performance, they are dangerous because they may allow hazardous fumes to leak into the passenger room.

A popping noise can also indicate leaks in the fuel injector, resulting in engine damage or increased fuel consumption and dangerous emissions.

5.   Whirring Acceleration

Wearing out universal joints, parts that need lubrication, or a bad torque converter are all possible causes of your engine whirring as it speeds up.

Your engine does not only consist of gaskets, wires, and hoses, it also has several rotating belts.

Another cause of the whirring sound is belt stretching or cracking over time while moving at high speeds around a system of pulleys. It is essential to check this noise out because replacing worn-out parts can prevent severe problems.

In the end

Do not be a person who sits in the driver’s seat of a car, turns it on, and drives away every day. It is vital to give the vehicle your attention regularly. Always listen to your car, and ensure full alertness while driving it. And of course, do not turn up the stereo volume to ignore such sounds.

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