Just like many other crucial steps on our life path, finding a new inspiring job may take a lot of time and effort. You have to be persistent and patient, creative and flexible. However, even the biggest and the most insurmountable tasks seem to be more doable if you split them into smaller ones. This strategy is helpful in many cases, and a job search is no exception. 

Don’t expect to find a perfect option in a couple of days. It is another common mistake we make while searching for a job. Finding something in a day is possible if you don’t have an idea of what your future workplace will look like. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a protracted process. 

No one likes rejections. Soft or hard, explicit or implicit – it doesn’t matter. We struggle to cope with rejections immediately. It takes time and energy to recover from this unpleasant experience and move on. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Bearing in mind all the factors mentioned above, try some job search strategies provided by experts from Jooble – one of the biggest job search engines worldwide. Many people start a new life and find dream jobs, as there are a lot of vacancies that are higher than usual. 

Think about your career from the long-term perspective

Although we are living in a changeable world and struggling to make long-term plans, having a vision of your future career is crucial. Define who you want to become and how to achieve the set goal. Since we spend around one-third of our life working, it’s better to have an inspiring and meaningful job you do almost every day. This task is responsible, and the fear of making mistakes often paralyze us during the job search. To tackle the fear, be honest. Think of things that inspire and entertain you. Imagine, you will need to fulfil these tasks for years. If this perspective doesn’t scare you to death, you are close to your aim. Turn what you like into your profession.

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Make a schedule of your job search

Any market has its high and low seasons. The labor one is no exception. This schedule differs from industry to industry. However, according to Jooble experts, most trends are similar. The whole business world wakes up after the Christmas holidays, January is one of the most productive months of the year. Many people start a new life and quit their jobs, so the number of vacancies is higher than usual. On the other hand, summer is hardly a good time to apply for a job because many recruiters are on vacation. This period ends approximately in the middle of September. Therefore, schedule your job search accordingly. There is nothing more frustrating than getting zero replies on your job applications. Therefore, spare your time and apply when you are the most likely to get a response. 

List your skills

To understand what job is a perfect match for you, list all the skills and knowledge you possess. If it sounds like a complicated task, look at various job descriptions and compare what qualities you have. Don’t fall into self-admiration. Try to be realistic. How about listing your whole previous experience in detail? Describe all the tasks you completed and the cases you successfully solved. Good strategic decisions, creative approach to tasks, communication tricks that helped get along with complicated partners – everything matters. The next step is to summarize this experience and estimate it. Recruiters will be grateful if your previous achievements are described briefly, concise, and to the point. Once you managed to sum up your skills, knowledge, and professional accomplishments, use this report for your next applications. Combine them according to the position requirements. Adjust your CV and cover letter to every new vacancy. 

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Be selective

With reference to the previous tip, we want to assure you that preferring quality to quantity is a good strategy. If you send identical applications without researching information about the company, you will highly unlikely get any reply, not to speak of the job interview invitation. Prioritize job openings and make sure your CVs are done according to all the requirements. Read all of them carefully and follow the instructions if needed. It’s a more time-consuming process, but your efforts will inevitably pay off. Therefore, be more selective while job searching. If most of your potential applications demand in-depth analysis, try to choose them wisely. 


Track the application process

We have already mentioned the need to schedule the job search process. To make it effective, one has to bear in mind that the employment market has its low and high seasons. On top of that, no one likes messages in the middle of the night, on Sunday morning, during national holidays, etc. Make sure, your letter won’t land on the bottom of one’s inbox. Don’t forget to track the application process. It’s never a bad idea to send a follow-up email if you didn’t get any reply in a couple of days. Recruiters at least have to confirm they received your application. Therefore, keep track of the list of companies you contacted and what vacancies you were interested in. 

As we see, a job search requires a lot of patience, time, and preparation. However, otherwise, this process will last forever, draining all your energy and time. Check out our tips and find your dream job. 

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