Avoid These Mistakes When Building a 6 Monitor Setup

When your line of work demands a 6 monitor setup, you must set things up correctly to avoid technical problems. After all, you cannot afford to experience glitches amidst carrying out your responsibilities. The last thing you need is to feel awkward while using your machines. You can click here for perfect system examples and pattern your workstation after these model ones. 

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed because multiple monitors can be easy to arrange if you know what to do. If you’re looking to optimise your current workstation or are looking to invest in multiple monitors, learning more can help you plan ahead. Avoid these mistakes when building a 6 monitor setup to prevent frustration. Bear in mind, when you follow the right steps, you can be more productive. 

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Monitors

One of the most important considerations you must never overlook is the size of the monitor. After all, you will be staring at them all day long. Thus, you must pick the right size of monitors as this will impact resolution. On top of that, you must learn how to use the right settings to make the most out of your investment. 

Notably, there are three types of monitors in the market. And these are: 

  • TN or Twisted Nematic
  • VA or Vertical alignment
  • IPS or In-plane Switching
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Most traders are very happy with the more affordable TN panels because they offer sufficient resolution to get things done. Gamers usually prefer the more high-tech VA or the higher resolution. If you’ve got the extra dough, going with the latter two is worth it. 

If you already have a current multiple monitor workstation, you may also want to tweak your resolution settings. Each system comes with a built-in resolution. However, you can modify that by going to the display settings and selecting what works for you. Your vision and comfort are the top priorities. 

Failing to Check the Computer System

Keep in mind, not all computers can handle and offer support for many monitors. For instance, specialized trading computers are specifically engineered to cope with the display and energy specs of a 6 monitor setup. They come with high-tech graphic cards that are specially designed to run many images effectively. 

Failing to Check the Computer System

On top of that, don’t forget to check out what input and output connections your computer has. You want to make sure that the cables you purchase will work out. Computers come with different ports such as: 

  • USB
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • Type-C USB

If you are not sure, you can inadvertently waste your money and time buying the wrong one. For best results, take a detailed picture of each connector slot and bring it with you to the shop. Don’t hesitate and ask for advice from the technicians manning the store. 

Feeling Frustrated How Cables Look Messy on the Desk

When you’re fixing your 6 monitor setup, you’ll be very excited to finish your project. However, don’t forget to drill the right holes into your desk so you can camouflage the many cables that will surely be crisscrossing. If you don’t want an eyesore, you must plan this beforehand because it takes a bit of groundwork to get right. 

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Otherwise, you will be very unhappy with your desk setup when it looks chaotic and disorganised. And if you do end up with a shabby-looking setup because of the wires, fret not. You can disconnect and start again. Although it will waste some time and energy, you will be happier and more efficient when you set things up properly. So avoid any issues by doing things right from the get-go. 

Dealing with Mismatching Displays that Strain the Eyes

If you don’t buy a set, your monitors can look wonky. Should you have ended up with a 6 monitor setup coming from different brands with varying sizes, it may make your images and fonts appear or register differently on screen. These glaring differences can hurt your eyes in the long run. 

For best results, make it a point to buy a system that’s specifically designed to complement each other. However, if you already have them, you can still modify the scaling for each monitor to make them match. For Windows OS, go to the Display settings then tweak the scale and layout functions. Meanwhile, for Mac OS, go to the Display and turn off Mirror Displays. From there, select Scaled. 

Sacrificing Ergonomics for Affordability and Feeling Pain

People can sacrifice ergonomics to purchase the cheapest ones out there from tables to chairs. And the terrible thing about this is you won’t notice the problem immediately. It will take some time before the problems pounce on you with a vengeance. Think neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, wrist pain, and strained vision. 

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Remember, you must prioritise your table and chair with a 6 monitor setup. Placement of monitors and how they’re angled also matters a great deal. All of these seemingly simple details work together to influence your posture. Therefore, you must do the following: 

  • Get a comfortable chair that’s fit for your height and frame
  • Select an adjustable table that can boost performance
  • Adjust screen angels according to your monitor usage (ex. Using a primary monitor versus evenly splitting attention across screens)

Being Unable to Make the Most Out of Shortcuts and Updates

Although a mouse is a very nifty tool it can be quite awkward to use with a 6 monitor setup. Just imagine the strain you can feel on your fingers and wrist as you use one mouse for multiple screens. Thankfully, both Windows and Mac operating systems have great shortcuts. With a bit of research, you can find out what these are to optimise your work efficiency. On top of that, there are numerous apps you can download to give you more options like DisplayFusion. 

Finally, make it a point to ascertain you download all driver updates. You may not be getting this automatically so visit relevant websites to make sure your  6 monitor setup is up to speed. When you follow these suggestions, you can avoid expensive mistakes that nip at your work performance. Doing it right means you can get the perfect workstation that will make you happy and productive. 


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