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Without a doubt, assuming you have such expert gear for shooting as a drone, you have a ton of extraordinary shots in stock that simply should be made impeccable. They are diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered after editing and completing a hypnotizing video.

Before you begin distributing your recordings, either for your blog or for your undertaking, you would want to commit yourself to the video-altering process. After that, you can devote your time to video optimisation .

In this article we’ll share the best video editing programming choices. Various programs have a particular arrangement of tools and capacities available to you. That is why we will inform you about the best solutions that can be utilised by novices and experienced clients.

Best video editing software for drone footage

For newbies


Assuming you have a PC on Mac OS, this program is ideally suited for fledgling clients. You don’t need to focus to sort out a complex practical set. Supposing you have a film in stock that you might want to improve, this is a perfect choice.

This program is great for start-level editing as it has explicit clues to assist you with exploring the editing apparatuses. You are going to crop your video and name titles, add music, and apply effects and filters using LUT packs. The program is the right choice for high resolution videos.

Surprisingly fast, you will be able to feel like an expert who will master the ability to change settings, adjust transitions, slow down, or speed up shots.


Windows Movie Maker

It is an extraordinary program for the Windows OS that is not difficult to utilize. Here you can eliminate undesirable backgrounds, add music tracks, tweak titles and make excellent transitions in your file.

Unfortunately, newer versions of the operating system no longer have this program in the standard set, but you have the opportunity to download it on the Internet.

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GoPro Studio

This free video-altering programming has been delivered to make flawless video files with many highlights. GoPro Studio can be utilized on two OS: Windows and Mac. There is an adequate clear interface and you don’t have to possess a GoPro camera to edit your videos.

This program has a standard altering suite to help novices ace editing. Resize videos, add awesome effects, and use a variety of formats to upgrade your files. What’s more, you can change tones and control immersion with a wide scope of cutting-edge choices.


It is free software that offers a starter base of tools for hobbyists. In Shotcut, you can handle a wide variety of video formats, which sometimes even professional programs do not have. The program is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The interface is rather complicated, but each user gets the opportunity to customize it to suit his needs. Thus, you will remove all unnecessary and leave only those tools that you will use. This program works great even on older devices.

For middle-level users


This product will assist you with drawing nearer to the high-level use in a brief time frame. Here you can change the background for your videos using the green screen. You can alter different video designs and not sit around idly hanging tight for downloads.

Clients will want to try an immense setting base of free editing components. It can be used on any gadget. With cloud storage, you don’t have to stress over extra space for enormous video documents.

The program provides service packages for different types of users. A standard package of services for creating half-hour clips in 720p HD resolution costs $10. More advanced service packages can be purchased for $16 and $40 per year. You can also purchase a commercial video production package for business organizations where up to 3 users can simultaneously edit for $70 per year.


DaVinci Resolve

Another option for advanced users, which is widespread in the film industry. Compared to Adobe’s product, DaVinci Resolve can handle fewer formats. It also lags a little behind in that you cannot adjust titles here.

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However, its powerful advantage lies in the fact that here you can work professionally with color solutions.

By purchasing this software, you will be able to support certain plugins that allow you to work with video files in 3D. You will also have the opportunity to work with several users at the same time.


Perhaps the most remarkable editor upheld the 3 most used OS. This editorial manager has been created to make superb Hollywood blockbusters.

Prior to buying the program, you can test the free demo and find out the arrangement of settings and apparatuses.

The program upholds video altering with SD, HD, 2K, 4K resolution. You are offered to overlay music tracks, add enhanced visualizations, stunning effects, and titles.

Benefits incorporate the capacity to synchronize pictures and sound, add multi-facet enhancements, and modify the toolbar. The full set-up of instruments can be bought for $240 each year and get two free months.

For experts

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is the best programming tool to exploit various expert devices to make dazzling video files.

In this drone video editing programming you can pick enhancements, find ready-made video intros, and change the background. The easy-to-understand interface contains all modern settings and capacities. You just need a couple of moments to comprehend the recommended settings and begin making proficient movies.

Additionally, it is possible to make videos even if you are out of town without access to the Internet.

Adobe Premiere

This product offers a huge load of settings for expert use. That’s a great choice if you are going to tune in to the workflow and embody your most creative and non-standard ideas.

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This program permits you to deal with video documents of any arrangement, even 8K video. By buying this product, you will want to use an application that permits you to alter files on your mobile device. You can improve your videos with shading settings, change the balance of tones and tints, apply or eliminate shadows, and appropriate the addition of special visualizations.

Proficient bundles start at $21. You can pick a plan for your use and business associations and partake in the process without limitations.

Final Cut Pro


It is an advanced software for experts. An enormous number of well-known movies have been altered in this program.

The program permits you to work with HDR video. Furthermore, it offers brilliant solutions for working with shading adjustment and sound altering.

The fundamental benefit of the Final Cut Pro is its performance. The program utilizes multi-core processing, which guarantees no halting when working or previewing.


With countless drone shots in stock, you can make extraordinary motion pictures on account of an assortment of video editing programming. Beginners will want to roll out every one of the improvements of iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, GoPro Studio, and FilmoraPro. Clients who comprehend essential instruments will want to upgrade their videos with software like Wevideo, Wondershare Filmora, and Lightworks. Experts will profit from a large group of inventive apparatuses in the Movavi Video Editor, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

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