The Best 10 React Development Tools

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Developed by Facebook, React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library.

It is used to build user interfaces or UI components and is maintained by Facebook and the developers’ community together.

This is great to develop a base in the development of single-page as well as mobile applications. Moreover, web or mobile user interface creation with React is extremely painless as compared to other technologies.

In addition to ease of development, declarative views of React make coding very predictable.

Also, it is very easy to debug the errors. As a result, most businesses often look to hire ReactJS developers to fulfill business requirements.

Furthermore, there are several tools to enhance the development process and outcomes. Curious to know these tools? Wait a minute, in this article, we will talk about the top 10 React development tools in depth. Let’s get started!

Explore the top 10 React Development Tools

  1. Reactide
  2. Storybook
  3. React Cosmos
  4. React Sight
  5. Evergreen
  6. Create React App
  7. React Bootstrap
  8. React Proto
  9. React Styleguidist
  10. Bit

Concise Overview of React Tools

Now, let’s explore the top 10 React development tools in depth:

Reactide – Reactide is a multiplatform interactive development environment (IDE) for creating web applications.

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It has many convenient features, for example, a single JSX file opens in the browser automatically rendering the entire project. A customized browser simulator and Node Server are integrated, in order to remove your dependency on server configurations and software built into the server.

Reactide provides visual assistance through its live representation of the project architecture, and with its GUI buttons, it is very easy to input data when a simulation of the browser is being used.

Quick Overview Reactide:

git checkout 3.0-release
npm install
npm run webpack-production
npm run electron-packager

Features of Reactide

  • An extensible developer environment in one click
  • Streamlined configurations
  • Components visualization
  • Hot module reloading

Storybook – StoryBook allows you to visualize the different states of the various components of your applications, providing better UI testing.

Its main purpose is to build stories through which each component’s actions can be visually reflected. Since this visualization and testing occurs in an isolated setting, it’s unlikely that any modifications will break anything.

Quick overview StoryBook:

npx sb init

Features of Storybook

  • It is open-source
  • Improves speed
  • No setup is needed
  • Built-in filters that prevent deviations

React Cosmos – React Cosmos was built to improve all components of React development, whether they be small or large.

The tool provides a detailed plan for creating reusable components. The component search feature can be used to find components with historical background, state, and props inside any composition.

This makes it possible to see how applications develop over time as they interact with running instances. It encourages debugging and predictability in the UI for components with React Cosmos. It helps design components with surface dependencies.

Quick overview React Cosmos:

# Using npm
npm i --D react-cosmos
# or Yarn
yarn add --dev react-cosmos

Features of React Cosmos

  • Component library
  • Visual TDD
  • Open platform
  • Laser focus

React Sight – React Sight, one of the most outstanding react development tools, displays your React app in a flow chart structure while displaying the component hierarchy in real-time.

It can easily be incorporated into any project, including those using redux, react-router, or react fiber. When you hover over the nodes, you can find links to components, which take you directly to the component pages.


Source: React Sight

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Features of React Sight

  • Open-source
  • Enhances speed
  • No setup is required
  • Built-in filters that avoid deviations

Evergreen – Since JavaScript does not have a set configuration, Evergreen can use the open-source JavaScript framework to build frameworks that can accommodate both current and future design requirements.

Segment builds this framework and maintains it. In addition to its refined react components, Evergreen react provides boundless composability with components built on top of React UI Primitive. For apps that need to look good, it offers a solid option.

Quick overview Evergreen:

$ yarn add evergreen-ui
# or
$ npm install --save evergreen-ui

Features of Evergreen

  • Works out of the box
  • Flexible & composable
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Easy to implement
  • Amazing documentation

Create React App – Several of the tools mentioned here require you to follow some kind of standard process to ensure that they function properly.

Overall, this article proves the success of React as a front-end community tool. Because there are several ways to do this, it is hard to help. Hence, people are turning to Facebook’s Create React App tool to help.

Basically, this tool helps you build an entire React app from just one command line.

With this tool, you no longer have to worry about what might be the best structure for your project, or what might be the right modules for it to include – it will be taken care of automatically.

Quick Overview Create React App:

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

Features of Create React App

  • Support for React hooks
  • Linting support for TypeScript
  • Browser list support

React Bootstrap – There are a lot of CSS frameworks out there, but this is the most common one you’ll find.

It provides a lot of CSS classes and JavaScript functions that you can use to build great UIs using any of those technologies without having to be an expert.

In order to ensure compatibility with React, developers have now rewritten the JS bits. You can therefore use their components exactly as React components.

Quick overview React Bootstrap:

npm install react-bootstrap [email protected]

Features of React Bootstrap

  • Accessible by default
  • Bootstrap at its core
  • Rebuilt with React
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React Proto – Developed by React, React Proto was designed to simplify the mock-up and design phases of customer-side apps. The whole idea was to make it easier to prototype. It allows you to build, drag, and resize components to create a visual representation of your app. React Proto was developed with React and Electron.

Quick overview React Proto:

cd react-proto
yarn install
yarn start

Features of React Proto

  • Quick Prototyping
  • Quickly create, drag, and resize components
  • Define component hierarchy
  • Export Files

React Styleguidist  – The Styleguidist offers developers a setting you can use to focus on creating one React component, and then look at all its variants with hot reloading.

Consequently, teams can easily share components and organize them in one place for future reference. The tools run out-of-the-box with Build React App and include ES6, Flow, and TypeScript.

Quick overview React Styleguidist:

npm i react-styleguidist

Features of React Styleguidist

  • Easier Webpack configuration
  • Configure style guide

Bit – Bit is a react tool that manages dependencies and components in real-time while enabling modularity.

The modular approach to software development has many benefits, including faster development, simpler testing, easier maintenance, and fun collaboration. These are the features that Bit software offers.

This collaborative open-source project was developed as well as maintained by a venture-backed team. It helps teams manage code components across projects and facilitates collaborative work. By using the react tool – Bit, you can reuse individual components of your projects via its component hub using yarn and npm, simplifying maintenance and ensuring faster development cycles.

Quick overview Bit:

Install Bit:

bvm install

Install Bit Version Manager:

npm i -g @teambit/bvm
# or
yarn global add @teambit/bvm

Features of Bit

  • Make components discoverable
  • Easy to learn & pick components
  • Easy extension and integration
  • Language agnostic

Final Thoughts

React is a very robust technology and within a very short period, it has gained huge popularity in the market. Moreover, the above-mentioned and other tools make React more flexible and famous among developers. Now, if you’re wondering how to hire software developers, then always consider BootesNull as it is the best web development company. Moreover, the service charges are very affordable still, the software solutions are robust to bring huge success to the project.

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