Process of IVF Explained – Step by Step Guide

”Being a parent is a forever bond with their child”- True that statement!  A parent’s love for their child is never-ending, a person will not understand the emotions of the parent until they become one.

But, we find plenty of people in India not being able to enjoy the bliss of parenthood because of their infertility issues. They are deprived of the most amazing feeling in the world – being a parent

As we know, there is always a solution to a problem, today advanced technology has made it possible for infertile couples to conceive artificially using fertility treatment. Why allow your infertility issue to take a toll on your mental health? Instead, get help from the renowned fertility clinic in India.

IVF, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, IUI, ICSI are some fertility treatments. While IVF is the most suitable and recommended fertility treatment. Here, you will obtain a quick guide on what is IVF and its procedure. Let’s jump in:

What is IVF?
The first thing is to know what IVF actually is. IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization is the process of fertilizing the egg outside the body. Then the fertilized egg is put back in the womb of the mother. To grow and to enjoy the most awaited moment of her life.

Reasons for Choosing IVF to treat Infertility
If your partner has a lower sperm count or you have any issue related to ovulation, then you may choose IVF treatment. Apart from this, health conditions like endometriosis, blocked fallopian tube, PCOS, any genetic disorder make you rely on IVF treatment. All these conditions are serious on the body if not treated in the first state. Therefore, you must reach out to well-known doctors for an immediate solution.

Procedure of IVF

Step 1: Be it any treatment, the first step is a consulting session with the doctors, based on which the treatment is decided. Before undergoing the process, your doctor will give you detailed information about the treatment and how to administer your daily FSH injection. FSH is an injection used for stimulating the ovaries to produce follicles. It involves stimulation of the ovary using medication. There is regular monitoring of the ovary and its responses using the ultrasound method.

Step 2:  The next step involves injecting HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to help in the final maturation of the egg. The process of egg retrieval takes place the next morning after the final injection.

Step 3:  The partner is then asked for a semen collection to carry on with the next step. The doctors advised them to avoid strenuous exercise and to take a day off before semen collection.

Step 4:  The next step is embryo development which is the crucial part of IVF treatment. The collected semen. is washed, concentrated, and then added to the eggs after the process of egg retrieval. The fertility specialist may suggest ICSI if the quality of the sperm is low. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is a type of treatment that involves single sperm injected directly into a single matured egg.

Step 5:  Next, the embryo is then implanted in the uterus using a soft tube. It is a few minutes process and usually painless. The doctor will suggest you to reduce your strenuous activity for 24 hours after embryo transfer.  You need to go for a pregnancy test after 14 days of the embryo transfer process.

The duration between embryo transfer and pregnancy test is known as the luteal phase. It is a difficult time and it becomes hard for a woman to cope with the anxiety of their awaited moment.

Summing up
The whole process of IVF is just a ride of an emotional roller coaster. It is a happy moment but sometimes, you also feel anxious about the positive and negative effects of the result.

There is nothing to worry about, what you need to do is to be positive in this time. You need care, love, and support from your partner to start this beautiful journey of your life. Love heals everything and it has the power to convert a negative vibe into a positive vibe. Be positive and trust your intuition!


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