Important UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Website

If you are a business owner, there is an urgent need for your business to have a strong digital presence. It is because there is increasing competition among business owners to reach their business in the global market. Though online business is not a new thing, it is mainly triggered by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now coming to the point that how to make a strong digital presence of your business? Building a strong digital presence is not a matter of a joke at all! You must need the best professional assistance from a reputed UI/UX Design Services Company

CMARIX is a leading name that can help you to make a strong eCommerce website for your business with the best UI/UX designs which are considered as the foundation of any website. You may have seen many of your competitors fail to uphold the basic standard of the design of their business websites. It is mainly because their website comprises UI/UX mistakes. So, if you want to get the competitive edge of your business, make sure you hire the best UI/UX design service provider who can ensure you the best UI/UX design solution.

What Are the Importance of UI/UX Design for an eCommerce Website?

As technology advances in the present digital era, everybody wants to opt for the best technology to get the highest benefit of their business. The same is applicable for the websites or mobile applications as the more your website will respond, the more successful outcomes you will receive. It simply means that it is all about customer satisfaction that makes a business successful. It can be possible with the best User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) that help a website to improve its overall user experience and enable a business to achieve its objective. Both UI/UX focus on enhancing the visual elements of a website which include the app’s look, interactive quality, each screen, page, buttons, and several other visual elements. Thus, UI/UX design is considered one of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website. Make sure, you opt for the best UI/UX Design Services from a reputed company that can ensure you errorless UI/UX design for your eCommerce store, otherwise faulty UI/UX design can hurt your Ecommerce business.

What Are the Importance of Designing an eCommerce Website?

There are several fundamental goals of designing an eCommerce website which includes:

  • To display your offerings no matter whether it is a product, different types of product, or services.
  • To make the customers aware of your offerings through content.
  • To establish your business on the global platform.
  • To engage more customers towards your website.
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How to Know That Your UI/UX Design is Not Up-To-The Mark?

No matter whether you spend a lot of money on SEO, SMO, and other marketing services, make sure your website is featured with the best UI/UX design that helps many businesses to achieve its goal. But how to know whether your website is featured with good UI/UX design or not, depends on several factors. Now look at some of the signs that prove that your UI/UX design is hurting your website which include:

  • The high bounce rate of your website
  • Shopping cart abandonment, which is a common issue
  • Complex menus 
  • Slow loading speed

Know About UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid During Ecommerce Development Process:

CMARIX, the leading eCommerce Solution Company in India is treasured by the industry’s best professionals who know how to avoid UI/UX mistakes in eCommerce websites.

  • Complex Navigation: Navigation is considered the most important aspect of website design. Make sure the navigation of your website is clear and seamless so that your users can find out their desired product easily. So, it is important to avoid the complex navigation of your website. If you hire CMARIX, you don’t have to worry about it, as they know how to make your website navigable to the users.
  • Less Focus on Product Description & Images: If you have an eCommerce site that sells multiple types of products, it is important to provide detailed descriptions of your products with proper images. It helps users to have a detailed idea of your products which makes the users make a final decision. But this is one of the most common aspects that a majority of business websites lack. So, make sure your website is designed with proper product descriptions and high-quality images.
  • Difficult Checkout Process: It is one of the major UI/UX design mistakes that can reduce the overall performance of your website which results in less revenue. There is no denying fact that too much complication is not accepted by anyone. So, it is obvious that if you adopted a complicated checkout process, it will result in less revenue. A recent study shows that only by optimizing a less complicated check-out process, you can increase your conversion rate by 35.26%. So, now you surely understand how important it is to have a simple check-out design that many online business owners fail to understand.
  • Average Performance: Let’s come to the performance part of an eCommerce website which greatly depends on the UI/UX designs. So, it is strictly recommended not to do any mistakes while designing and developing a website. Make sure your website has a good loading speed which is less than 3 seconds. In addition, it should be appealing and engaging with the right colors, fonts, images, words, and graphics.
  • Too Many Clicks: The modern digital era is all about fast processing, so make sure your website responds fast and quickly. The concept of ‘too many clicks’ does not apply to recent times. It simply means that your eCommerce website should not comprise too many categories and sub-categories, rather increases click times. This is one of the major mistakes done by most of the developers while designing an eCommerce website, which affects the overall conversion rate of a website.
  • Less & Negative Customer Reviews: It is obvious that when customers will look for any product from your eCommerce website, they will search for good reviews. So, if your website lacks positive reviews, the customers are not going to buy your products as several more options are waiting for them on the Internet.
  • Lack of Contact Information: Contact details are the must-to-have feature of a website. So make sure your website provides you’re the users the detailed contact information such as phone number, email id, etc. But you can find multiple numbers of websites on the online platform that lacks this basic feature.
  • Improper Content: Content is surely kind, there is no doubt about it. So, make sure your website is complemented with proper content with proper structure. You can find several websites that comprise confusing content and improper Call to Action links. So, ensure that your eCommerce website has a proper Call to Action link, engaging title, Meta description, and accurate description of the products.
  • Hidden Charge: Hidden fees results in less trust and bad customer review. It affects so badly that you will never expect any repeat customer.
  • Less Mobile Responsive: Do you know more than 60% of consumers complete their smartphone for the online purchase process? So, you must build a mobile-friendly ecommerce website. Otherwise, you will be missing a lot of potential customers.
  • Lack of Customization Opportunities: If your ecommerce platform lacks customization opportunities, it will lack the charm. If you hire CMARIX, a leading ecommerce development company, the experts can assure you to build a customized ecommerce website so that you can offer the best solution to your customers.
  • No Mention of Shipping Charge & Return Policy: Your website must display a prominent shipping charge and return policy so that you can build a sense of trust in the customers as there is no ambiguity on any of the terms and conditions.
  • Not Including FAQs & Live Q/A: FAQs and Live Q/A will help your website to rank higher on the search results. It is because these features allow the customers to get quick resolution of their queries. It makes them purchase a product without any hesitation.
  • Insecure Payment Methods: Choosing the best payment method is crucial for an Ecommerce website. You must choose a payment method that is more reliable and simple so your customers can abandon their cart and not return any product only because of a complicated and insecure payment method.
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What Are Some of the Must-Have Qualities of an eCommerce Website?

Now, you have come to know what the drawbacks of an eCommerce website are, so you must avoid these mistakes while promoting your brand through an eCommerce website. Now, look at some of the qualities that your website must processes that ensure a lean, fast, scalable, and rich-featured eCommerce website.

  • High Speed: Increase your sales with an eCommerce website that ensures 90% percentile speed with high-speed technology. 
  • SEO Friendly: Easy SEO technology is compulsory for an eCommerce website. So, you must focus on your content.
  • No Confusing Plugins: Make sure your website is easy to manage and there is no plugin mess.
  • Cloud-Scale: If you want your high-budget marketing campaign to run with confidence, you must opt for the cloud scales elastically.
  • Flexibility: It is recommended not to restrict your brand within templates as it reduces the flexibility of a website.
  • Authenticity: After implementing all the features mentioned above in your online store, now it is time to test everything before you hit the publish button.
  • Effective Presentation of the Products: Make sure the layout of the product pages or screens is attractive enough to engage customers’ attention.

The Bottom Line:

So if you want to unlock the true potential of your online business, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic time, you need to develop a potential eCommerce website with the best UI/UX design. But make sure you hire the best UI/UX Design Services Company like CMARIX that will help you to promote your brand more efficiently through the online platform.

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