What Are The Benefits Of Desk Booking Software

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a good chunk of your day at work sitting at a desk. But have you ever thought about how much more productive you could be if you had a better way to manage your desk space?

That’s where desk booking software comes in.

Desk booking software helps you to maximise the use of your desk space by allowing you to book specific desks in advance. This means that you can ensure that you always have a desk to work at, even during busy times.

Not only does desk booking software help to improve your productivity, but it also encourages flexible working. This is because you can book desks in different locations, which means that you can work from anywhere.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your desk management, then desk booking software is the perfect solution.

What exactly is this desk booking process?

Desk booking is reserving places and venues to conduct an organization’s official meetings and sessions. This process comes in handy for startups and organizations that do not have such facilities on their premises. The same process can be used by the organization’s employees to reserve their workplaces according to their needs and to ensure work-life balance.

What is desk booking software?

Desk booking software is a space scheduling tool that helps employees and students easily book spaces that are most appropriate for their needs. This can eliminate wasted space, provide self-service capabilities, and give insight into which spaces are booked, their length of booking, and other key metrics. Desk booking software can be particularly helpful for organizations that are embracing hybrid work models. 

When choosing a desk booking software, it is important to consider features like ease of use, integration with other tools, and price.

Desk booking software has given rise to a new environment which has reduced the need for maintenance of the traditional workplace environment and has given rise to a set of hybrid workplaces.

Benefits of desk booking software

  1. Post covid office environment-

The pandemic has put us into a new lifestyle era and modified our working conditions and requisites. Several organizations have shifted to hybrid work schedules and spaces. Even when the remote phase of the work process is over, there is a need to maintain some preventive practices to ensure the safety and health of the workers.

Pandemic worries among the workers returning to the office are too high; they are worried about the risk of infection, how to be accommodated in suitable workplaces, how to access transportation after work, and so on.

With proper desk booking software, you can ensure proper coordination of the socially distanced floorplans; integrated check-in and check-outs; contact tracing; coordinated post-usage sanitizing; and also access to health declaration forms, etc., which will ease most of the worries in the post-pandemic work environment.

  1. Reduced real estate and maintenance costs-

The desk booking software reduces the office premise’s real estate and maintenance costs. You could organize multiple shifts on the same office floor, and multiple departments could utilize the same workplace. Several companies even utilize common office space according to their needs. Since we are moving towards a hybrid office space, the organization can decide which days the employees can access the given workplace and when they can work back home.

  1. Increasing workplace morale-

Since the desk booking software gives a clear-cut idea of work and workplace coordination, it improves the trustworthiness of the company. The employees can also efficiently balance their work and personal lives. 

  1. Flexible work solutions for on-the-go employees-

The consultants and the freelancers can be efficiently managed with a desk booking software. This process can be done without compromising the in-office schedule of the regular workers. Regular employees with hybrid tasks, especially in fields like marketing, can benefit from the process.

  1. Organized work schedules-

You can use a desk booking solution to assign certain jobs to certain teams and create a workflow for coordination.

6. Easier resource scheduling and cleaning-

Resource scheduling within the company is an important task. It involves meticulous planning according to the needs of the concerned project or specific task within that project. Decluttering is a time-consuming and tedious process that should be done regularly for proper maintenance. You can do both of these tasks with the utmost clarity using desk booking software.

7. Environment friendly-

Our impact on the environment is leading to damaging consequences, and we need to take collective action to reduce them. Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by reducing the amount of physical space they occupy. By switching to a hybrid working environment, organizations can dramatically reduce their energy consumption and operating costs. Proper office space management through desk booking software is not only good for the organization but also good for the environment. By using such software, you can gauge floor occupancy and accordingly take steps to reduce energy consumption. This type of working arrangement has a number of benefits, including reducing carbon emissions, increasing employee productivity, and improving work-life balance.

If after all these benefits are mentioned,  you are still confused about whether to go for this process, we will tell you one thing. Any new digitization effort in organizations has faced numerous roadblocks. The organizations that accepted and adapted to the change became successful in the long run. 

Desk booking software is here to revolutionize office spaces. This software will come in handy in developing your company and your employees. 

To know more about innovative workplace solutions, check out WorkInSync. This competitive company is constantly innovating to provide a complete suite of hybrid workplace solutions.


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