ICE Futures Canada quotes and cash prices

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WINNIPEG — ICE Futures Canada closing prices:

Canola: May. ’21 $45.00 lower $954.40; Jul. ’21 $45.00 lower $902.30; Nov. ’21 $17.80 lower $754.70; Jan. ’22 $19.00 lower $746.10; Mar. ’22 $18.60 lower $731.70; May. ’22 $17.60 lower $717.90; Jul. ’22 $18.30 lower $704.80; Nov. ’22 $12.00 lower $632.80; Jan. ’23 $11.60 lower $613.10; Mar. ’23 $11.60 lower $604.10; May. ’23 $11.60 lower $606.60;

Thursday’s estimated volume of trade: 515,300 tonnes of canola.

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