Cisco ASR 920 Power Supply Purchase Guide

A power supply unit is considered one of the vital components of personal computers. They function on electricity, and that’s not supplied straight from the wall, but it is provided in the form of an AC (alternating current) and then altered into DC (direct current) by the PSU. In case a power supply is not delivering clean or reliable power, it can cause various problems, like instability that can be difficult to control. In addition to that, a failing PSU can cause issues like random freezes and resets. 

That is the reason why you should give your PSU selection as much attention and time as you give to your RAM, GPU, CPU, and other storage options. Choosing an appropriate power supply will give you the best possible output and will help contribute to lifetime reliability. We are going to cover the basics of PSU and provide you with the info you require to understand why having a decent Cisco ASR 920 Power Supply is necessary. 

Why is PSU Important? 

All of the major components of your PC, including storage devices, graphics cards, motherboards, and processors, get their power from the power supply. So, if your selection is wrong or not up to the mark, it can cost you a lot in a way that it can damage your entire system or even can cause a fire. Hence, PSUs hold a vital role in the overall function of your PC. It will be in your favor if you purchase an exclusive device to avoid such incidents and complete your everyday jobs quickly.

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Cisco Power Supply

The ASR 920 Series router from Cisco is a family of fixed-configuration routers that allow service providers to deliver users residential, business, and mobile access services. It is regarded as the best Carrier Ethernet access platform, offering Ethernet services. The router is powered by Cisco ASR 920 Power Supply. The specifications are as follows. 

Specification DC AC
Input Power 105 Watts (ASR-920-12CZ-D/ASR-920-4SZ-D)     115 Watts (ASR-920-12CZ-A/ASR-920-4SZ-A)
Current 6A through a three-position terminal block 2A through a standard C16 type receptacle
Voltage 24 V – 60 V 100 V – 240 V

Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Supply

You need to look forward to several key factors and features before going to buy a Cisco ASR 920 Power Supply. We will try to guide you about your purchase decision, and all of these will be simple. We are writing this post so that even a new PC builder can select the best device for their system if they consider the following parameters. Below are the details. 

  • Which Brand to Choose?

Picking a device from a leading brand is the most important step because most of the designers who are not known globally usually list their devices at wattages higher than their actual capacity. Consequently, this can be a major issue for new system builders. Moreover, these so-called brands use cheap quality electronic components, leading to system failure. So, you should always pick a decent device from the below-mentioned brands. 

  • Cisco ASR 920 Power Supply
  • Dell
  • Seasonic
  • Corsair
  • Silverstone
  • EVGA
  • CoolerMaster
  • Antec
  • Be Quiet!
  • Where to Buy Power Supply?

You can buy exclusive power supplies from, Newegg, Amazon, and Also, Cisco PSUs are not that too expensive, and you can easily buy one for about $50 to $200. 

  • Power 
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The output of power supplies is listed in watts. The more the wattage, the more powerful a PSU will be. Typically, a power supply ranges from 200 Watts – 1800 Watts (for enthusiast-class products), and mostly these gadgets can perform at peak power for just a small period of time. We can simply understand this with an example. If your PC’s components combined or max power is 300 W, then a 600 W device would be a decent fit. Talking about a mid-range gaming PC with a six or eight-core CPU, it should get a PSU with a power capacity from 650W to 850W.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency rating is very important because higher-efficiency units incline to have enhanced components; they can generate less heat, waste less power as well as contribute to fewer fan noise. A 70 percent efficiency rating device delivers 70 % of its wattage as power while losing the other 30 percent as heat. So, the more the rating, the better it is. 

  • Form Factor

Last but not least, the form factor is important, and you can pick it depending on the case of your PC. Following are some common form factors. 

  • SFX-L: It possesses more depth, allowing it to accommodate a bigger fan
  • SFX: It includes small form factor units made to fit in compact cases
  • ATX: A standard form factor for a PSU 

Final Verdict 

Although power supplies are not regarded as an attractive component in personal computers, they are necessary for the proper functioning of a computer. Your right purchase decision can provide you with peace of mind, and the wrong one can led to problems which we have discussed above. You should spend more to make sure the safety of your system components. This buying guide will be enough to allow a PC builder to choose the perfect power supply for their system.

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