Guidelines to Restore Your Luxury Pools

There are various ways available to improve your installed swimming pools. The upgrades on these pools help in adding more value to your house at the time of selling. Additionally, these transitions have a great positive influence on your family’s enjoyment. They can spend quality time together on evenings and weekends. However, it is a major question of many customers, when is it time to renovate a pool. You are in the right place because we will discuss when and how to upgrade your pool. We will also tell you the tips to keep in mind and various ways to keep it according to your budget.

Best Time to Renovate Luxury Pools

The best way to determine the restoration of pools is to check for any signs of damage. Although the Atlanta pool builder suggests maintaining the pool as it increases durability, repairs become less likely to happen. However, if you see the following signs in the pool, it is time to start thinking of repairs and renovation.

  1.   Decaying of safety features
  2.   Leakage in pool
  3.   Worn out edges
  4.   Broken tiles and fixtures
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Restoration of Luxury Pool  

Here, you have mainly two choices, either to renovate your luxury pool entirely or add in new features for a different look. Also, you have to make smart changes while working on the budget. 

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1. To Add the Pool Seats

These are some of the best features you can add to your pool by staying within a budget. Actually, these seats are not common and are made with water-resistant plastic material and make sections within luxury pools. It would be best if you got them placed at the boundary by pool companies in Atlanta. Although you do choose to get them placed anywhere, it could become difficult when swimming at night and especially for children.

2. To Replace the Water Tile 

If you want to change the entire ambiance of the pool, it can be done by changing the water tiles with newer ones. There is an extensive section to choose from with contrasting prices. So, you can select what works for the theme of your house. At this point, you need to take consultation of Atlanta pool builder for professional suggestions and guidance.  

3. The Replacement of LED Lights

Replacing LED lights with improved automatic systems will make your pools more attractive, especially at night. The various colors create completely different settings, so this feature is highly needed for utilizing the full upgrade option for your pool.

4. Water Features 

Many water features can be added to your pool. These features help add value to your home and make your backyard more aesthetically attractive. The main features include waterslides, fountains, artificial waterfalls, and pool deck jets. Many pool companies in Atlanta provide these services on a very reasonable budget. With the help of these additions, you will be able to change your backyard’s setting with full efficacy and according to current trends in the market.

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5. Customization of Pool Features

Different pool features are among the most trending and stand out amongst all designs. They include two main features, namely

  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Spillover spas
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Outdoor fire pits are cemented seating units with sections made within a pool with a fireplace at the center. It helps create the ambiance of an outdoor, indoor camp that stands out and produces a whole new look for your home. The fire used in this pool is mainly a cold fire or even an illusion of fire to add to the overall aesthetics. On the other hand, spillover spas are installed with your pool so that water starts falling into it. It creates an artificial waterfall in itself. 

6. Resurfacing

You can even consider resurfacing the pool if you have an extra budget. It includes repairing and altering the color scheme of your luxury pool. It will give a new look and complement your house’s theme. So you need to make sure that it should be according to the overall composition of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on tips to restore your luxury pools.

Which steps are essential in keeping my pool clean?

The main steps involve weekly pool maintenance because detailed pool care will ensure clean and safe water during the swimming season. You must also clear leaves and vacuum the pool. Also, test the pool water and add chemicals, if needed.

What chemicals do I need to keep my pool clean?

Among all chemicals, chlorine is essential for pool water because it kills dangerous algae, bacteria, and several microorganisms. So, the usage of chlorine is adequate to keep the pool water clean at all times.

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Is it difficult to sell a house with a pool?

Pool houses are not difficult to sell at all, especially in the summer season. There is a large market for such houses in Atlanta, and the pool even adds to the overall selling price of your house.

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