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G. Flip is a famous rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer from Australia. G. Flip has a net worth of millions and has adopted this name from his father’s nickname. There are various controversies regarding G. Flip surrounding sexuality. G. identifies as non-binary and prefers to use the “their” pronoun for self so here we will be referring to G. Flip with either “them, they, or their” pronoun. They is also seasoned instrumentalists and can play more than dozens of instruments fluently. Here you will get complete information regarding G. Flip’s net worth, income sources, and other facts of her personal and professional life.

Who is G. Flip? Early life and background details:

Who is G. Flip?

After gaining some fame in the industry she adopted her father’s nickname “G. Flipo” as her stage name. They is also referred as  G. or just Flipo sometimes. So far they have produced a couple of albums and dozens of single tracks. She has also received some notable awards and nominations in her career so far.

She is one of the leading drummers from Australia and has received “Drummer of the Year” several times. “Killing My Time” and “Drink Too Much” remain one of the greatest singles given to them so far. Their songs often remain trending in the charts. After the pandemic, they moved to the U.S. for the better of their career.

G. Flip’s complete name is Georgia Claire Flipo. G. identifies as non-binary. They were born on September 22, 1993, in St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia. Professesionly, G. is a singer, actor, songwriter, producer, influencer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Melbourne Victoria. Her music style includes a blend of pop and indie pop. They have recently stepped foot in the industry but have been inclined towards singing since childhood.

Talking about their educational qualifications, G. completed her primary education at Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School based in Cheltenham, Victoria. Then she migrated to Star of the Sea College in Brighton and studied till high school there before finally graduating in 2011. Apart from these she always had interest in playing football.

Since she had always been a music lover and an active member of the school band, she decided to pursue a degree in the same field. She completed her bachelor’s degree from Box Hill Institute where she majored in Bachelor of Music Performance.

What instrument does G. Flip play?

G. Flip instrument

G. Flip is one of the leading instrumentalists. They is skilled in playing drums, vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, and other percussion instruments but mostly are famous for playing Drums in concerts and bands. For her work, she has been awarded “Drummer of the Year” multiple times.

Is G. Flip male or female?

G. identifies as non-binary and is undoubtedly lesbian looking at their dating history. She has accepted in various interviews that they are lesbian which is also evident from their relationship status with Chrishell Stause. The same was also shared via their official Instagram account.

G. Flip’s career:

Flipo has been interested in playing musical instruments since childhood. At the age of nine, Flipo played the drum for the first time and later experimented with other instruments. Flipo performed on multiple occasions as a drummer or backup vocalist. It was only after adopting the stage name, that they ventured out for solo concerts and tracks.

Their first single was “About You” in February 2018. The song became immensely popular and brought her initial fame. Following this popularity, Flipo was invited to several concerts. Collaborating with the “Future Classic” group, they have given various other hit singles like “Killing My Time”, “You and I” and many others. “About Us” and “Drummer” are their studio albums and have made appearances in a few more.

G. Flip relationships, partner, girlfriends list:

Since it is out in public that Flipo is non-binary and has attraction towards females fans were always curious to know about their relationship details. There is nothing in the public domain about their personal life in Australia but after they moved to the U.S.A. Flipo began dating American actress Chrishell Stause and the news was revealed in 2022 by the actress herself. After dating for a couple of years the couple finally got married in May 2023 which was shared through their official Instagram account.

G. Flip’s Net worth:

G. Flip has a net worth of over 8 million dollars. Their has multiple sources of income. The majority of the income comes through record labels and various other streaming platforms like Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, and others. Apart from these, they have also done many collaborations with brands like Crocs during 2020 and 2021. Their flagship product “Jibbitz” is Flipo’s custom design footwear collection which became out of stock after minutes of its release. So accounting for all of Flipo’s assets and liabilities, Flipo has a net worth of around 8 million dollars.

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