Activists arrive at COP26 with strong messages urging swift climate action


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Outside of the secure zone where the bigwigs met at COP26, environmental groups led marches and protests around Glasgow on Friday, with varied messages about the urgency of tackling the climate crisis. 


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All of the groups had a similar aim: Remind the conference participants that the group’s were paying attention to the negotiations.


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Some messages were hopeful.


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Others were more pointed.


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This “Scrap Trident” sign refers to the UK’s nuclear weapons program. The country’s nuclear missile- carrying submarines are based in Scotland. 


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Most signs demanded immediate action to address climate change. 


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Many of the protesters wore masks. Across the square are Glasgow’s City Chambers. 


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Some signs were too big to be carried.


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This sign refers to the Fridays for Future climate strike. Many communities, including LGBTQ people, were represented among the activists.


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Some demonstrators evoked climate justice, a movement that sees the climate crisis as bigger than just a scientific problem. 


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And many pointed out that addressing climate change isn’t just the responsibility of governments and business.


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Many protesters had a message for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 


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People of all ages carried signs around Glasgow. Friday’s protests took place on COP26’s youth day.


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Images of fire to depict a warming world were common. 

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