A Guide To The Causes Of Water Leaks In A Property

The latest figures estimate that in our daily lives, the typical person uses somewhere in the region of 329 liters worth of water. In addition to using a lot of water, we also waste a lot too due to things like leaks springing up. This often ends up having a direct impact on the cost of our water bills. 

As well as costing people money in the form of increased utility bills, leaks inside of a property can also cause a significant amount of damage to it. So regardless of the actual size of a leak, a property owner will be affected financially, either in increased water bills or through having to fix the damage sustained. This is why it is important to know exactly how and why leaks occur.

The most common causes

Some of the most common causes of water leaks within a property are listed below in detail.

  • Corroded pipes – Pipes becoming corroded is something that is unfortunately inevitable. One way of maintaining durability is by insulating the metal, although the pipes will still eventually corrode. Once corrosion kicks in, then small pinholes will begin to appear, thus resulting in leaks. A major cause of corrosion is either having low or high pH water. The potential of hydrogen (pH) denotes how acidic water is. In order to check the levels, specialist test strips are required. The level of pH that is recommended is anywhere between 6.5 and 8.5. Where the level is out of this range, it is advisable to treat the water in order to balance it out.
  • High water pressure – Having high water pressure has the potential to cause damage to pipes. Water pressure in a property should be around 60 per square inch (PSI) and can only withstand a maximum PSI of 80. Unfortunately, having high water pressure is out of the control of homeowners. Outside factors, such as being located in hilly areas, near fire hydrants, or close to tall buildings can have a direct impact on the level of pressure. However, there are things that can be done in order to control and manage water pressure. 
  • Toilet leaks – A large proportion of toilets within properties contain leaks. There are a number of causes for this with many of them remaining unnoticed for quite some time. Where there is a problem, the toilet may be flushing all by itself. This happens as a result of a leak on the flush valve or even a damaged flapper. It could also be the case that the seal below the toilet has become damaged. Unless there is an unpleasant smell coming from the toilet, this type of leak can go undetected for a while. Regularly inspecting the bolts and screws on the toilet for rusting and/or mold is a good way of identifying this issue. It is important to ensure that the toilet is correctly secured to the floor because a toilet becoming loose can cause the seal to leak.
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Knowing where a leak is coming from

It can often be the case that leaks appear from right out of nowhere. Prior to doing any major investigational work in order to locate a leak, such as ripping out walls, it is best to check the leak indicator on the water meter for any signs. It will be moving if there is a leak within the property. 

After this, the next step to take is actually locating the source of the leak. This is done by shutting the main water valve in the property off. If this is done and the leak indicator is no longer moving, this means that the leak is happening inside the property. If it is the case that the indicator keeps on moving, then this is confirmation that the leak is outside of the property itself. Regardless of where the leak is located, using a leak detection dye can be extremely beneficial in helping to locate where the leak is. Visit to purchase a bottle today.

Knowing when to get professional help

Whilst sometimes repairing leaks can be a relatively straightforward task, other times it can be much more difficult and so requires the help of a professional, such as a plumber. Some of the easier repairs to make include the following:

  • Toilet leaks – although some certain toilet leaks will require a plumber to fix, there are some that are relatively easy to rectify. This is because there is a wide range of things that can cause a toilet to leak, such as a broken fill valve or a damaged flapper, which are relatively simple to fix. Looking at the level of water in both the tank and the water bowl is a good visual indicator to see if everything is as it should be with a toilet and see where any problems are coming from. 
  • Faucet leaks – most of the time, when a faucet is leaking, it is the result of an old/faulty faucet washer. What this is, is a round and small rubber item that sits between the valve and the valve stem. They can quickly become deteriorated and worn out if not changed out and replaced regularly. When doing this, it is important that the new one matches the old one, otherwise, it will not fit. If there is an outdoor faucet on the property, then it is important that it is winterized.
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Some of the types of leaks that should be left to the professionals to hire include the following: 

Complicated leaks – the leak to a property’s water system can sometimes be fixed by a novice. However, if the problem is more complicated than what can be resolved by watching a YouTube video, then it is time to call in the professionals, in the form of a qualified and highly experienced plumber. Attempting to tackle a complicated leak without help can prove to be a costly mistake if done wrong.


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