How Much Do You Pay A Keynote Speaker?

In developing software for the events sector, we’ve gained extensive experience in event planning, budgeting, and execution. Despite our extensive experience in event planning across multiple industries, we are often taken aback by the vast discrepancy in pricing, negotiation, and scheduling procedures for keynote speakers. Therefore, we decided to provide some insight into the standard costs associated with hiring a keynote speaker and offer advice on how to get the best possible deal for your event.

When you are ready to begin your search for keynote speakers, there’s a great deal that you should be knowledgeable about to ensure that the process goes off without a hitch. You need to comprehensively comprehend the regular charges and the payment arrangements so that you can engage your keynote speaker with the knowledge and confidence you deserve.

Speaking Fees

The cost of hiring a speaker might vary considerably. To gain experience and new clientele, some new speakers are willing to talk for free. A typical speaker may make between $250 and $1,000 for each event. Speakers from more expensive regions may demand a more significant fee for their services.

Keynote speakers with extensive expertise earn upwards of $15,000 each, while presenters with less experience make as little as $5,000. Professionals in a niche area of expertise may charge between $15,000 and $25,000.

And lastly, celebrities, often known as marquee names, such as well-known athletes, Bill Gates, or former presidents, may receive between $25,000 and $300,000 to give the award.

Employing a renowned keynote speaker will demonstrate to your staff that you value their professional development highly while providing them with actionable advice on achieving their goals.


Speakers will often book their flights and email you their itineraries a month or so before the event. Payment conditions for speakers typically involve charging after the event has taken place.

You should ensure no surprises by asking whether your keynote speaker will fly business or first class.


Speakers usually have contracts. Suppose you can’t agree to their terms and request adjustments. Many speakers are accommodating. Speakers hate surprises, too. Make sure they know your expectations for time and topic. Ensuring they understand your audience and goals may require an extra call.

Your organization and the speaker benefit when the speaker knows just what to say. Draft it. Contract it.

Terms of Payment

When signing a contract, making an initial, non-refundable payment is standard practice. This guarantees the presenter’s slot on that date. The speaker is entitled to keep the deposit if the contract is terminated.

The total speaking fee (including travel expenses) may be owed to the speaker if the event is canceled less than 60 days before the scheduled speaking engagement.

Finalize payment before the event. Travel, housing, and other expenses are billed after the event.

Knowing your keynote speaker’s payment arrangements makes hiring a pro easier. You know what to talk about and how to arrange the contract.

If you follow these steps, you can choose a speaker who will blow away your audience, provide them with insightful knowledge, and enhance their capacity to achieve their objectives. Remember that your keynote speaker is an investment and that if you choose well, it will pay dividends for a considerable time.


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